[H]<Cognition> Recruiting all classes/no tank

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<Cognition>, is a horde guild on Kil'jaeden. Formed over five years ago, we address raiding as efficiently and productively as possible. Cognition raids 3 nights per week, at approximately 3.5 hours per night. We are looking for additional mature, capable, competitive and dedicated candidates to join our raid group. We have fun by achieving successful raids, and by maintaining a fairly casual attitude while doing so.

Kil’jaeden: Horde
Pacific Time Zone
PVP Server

Raid Times:
Tuesdays, Thursdays, & Sundays 6:15pm- 9:30pm Server (PST)

Current Progression:
Highmaul: 7/7 Heroic 3/7 Mythic
Blackrock: 7/10 Heroic


Minimum ilevel 665
Healer: All
Exceptional players (ilevel 680+)

More about Cognition:
1. We expect our raiders to be reliable, motivated, dedicated, mature, self-sufficient, competitive and able to take constructive criticism as well as providing feedback.
2. A stable internet connection and a working headset/microphone is required for all raids.
3. Raiders are expected to achieve a minimum of 85% attendance.
4. Raiders are responsible for their own flasks, potions and personal foods.
5. Cognition uses EPGP for loot distribution.
6. Cognition is an 18+ guild.

How to Apply and List of Contact:
Website: http://www.cognitionguild.net
Pascali: Battle Tag: Noodles#1500
Remorseless: Battle Tag: Carnage#1703
Revurb: Battle Tag: Revurb#1423
Nezzark: Battle Tag: Nezzark#1784
Recruiting healers + DPS
Update needs

RDPS (hunter, lock, shammy, mage)
MDPS (dk)
Healers (all except pally)
Recruiting for more!
Good morning from Cognition

We are raiding tonight, come join us!
looking for more ranged + healers!
recruiting healers and ranged dps
Welcome to all the new recruits!

We are now only accepting exceptional player!
update needs
recruiting healers!
Monks + paladins!
recruiting healers!
Updated Needs!!

RDPS: Mage, Hunter
MDPS: Frost Death Knight
Healers: Monk, Paladin
Recruiting healers and dps
Recruiting Recruiting Recruiting!
Update needs!!

RDPS: Mage, Hunter
MDPS: Frost DK, Rogue
Healers: Monk, Paladin
Recruiting for more

rdps, mdps, healers
happy memory day weekend

still recruiting healers, rdps, mdps!
Farm night

Come join us!
Recruiting 1 mage and 1 hunter!
recruiting is open for RDPS!

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