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Holy set - 10/10, without argument, love the brilliance that the colors represent with the pinks and the reds with no over-saturation of glow whilst the tabard stands out and melds the whole set together
Ret set - 8/10, the armor set as a whole plus the tabard may look bland but in that fashion its brilliant as the colors really do meld together nicely with the look of an argent crusader who has seen many battles, however the weapon model fails to meld so well with the set and offputs the design but other than that i have no complaints considering my skills at the transmogrify

PS. for some odd reason blizzard has yet to update my transmog on their site and my non-transmogged belt is shown so plz look at this grouping when assesing my transmog, thx

Really cool design, don't see many alliance players rocking the blood knight looking gear. The tabard throws it off a little with the gold but other than that it's a solid mog.

@Jon 6/10 never been a huge fan of that set
Always feels like somethings missing from it :)
@Serthrek: I like that a lot! 9/10

I really like how you incorporated a more Paladin-esque gold scheme to the traditional Blood Knight Black'n'Red. I think that you miiiiight be able to find a better weapon, but it's certainly not 'bad'!
@ Coolspot- The shoulders and weapons seem out of place for me. 7/10
If only they would let us transmog the legendary cape...
Right? I hate not having a cloak out anymore.
And.... how do you have a blood knight tabard as a human? O.o

Nice Argent Crusade old school! 8/10
Really love your set, great use of the old tier 3! I don't really like the helmet but that's just me.

9/10 very cool!
05/06/2014 03:45 PMPosted by Daynasol
And.... how do you have a blood knight tabard as a human? O.o

I bought it from the tabard vendor in Ironforge. I think it may have something to do with completing some paladin class quests, but I am really not sure.
Krolmox, that's a nice take on the Argent Crusade look. I like it a lot although I think a different sword would do it more justice. Something like the Citadel Enforcer's Claymore that drops in ICC.
Ah, yes you have a point Effin, thanks ;D The two handed sword I use for this look is the 2handed pvp sword lvl 80 thats a more complete version of citadel enforcers sword.
And as to Effins transmog I give 10/10 really beautifully done, I really like the combo of every single piece along with the base characters look!
9/10 I love the overall feel and the whole wrath theme. Unfortunately the weapons are a different style than the armor but still lookin good!
@ Avenguard- 10/10. Love the Argent feel. Weapon is a little too flashy for me but that's just me.
8/10 dayna

That purple corruption octopus demon spawn thing (idk what its called D: ) on your OH throws off the look. If not for it, though, that OH matches perfectly.
8/10 I absolutely adore the challenge set. But points docked for being easily assembled and sort of common. Awesome work on finding matching weapon and shield.

Note to those below, I probably don't have my white sword and board equipped.

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