Rate the Paladin Transmog!

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5/10 I'm sure it looks good but all I can see is shield :p
I really like those shoulders. 8/10.
@Greywind Well matched 9/10
I like yours. It just seems a little too bland for my tastes. It matches tho :) 7/10
@Wondercolt The bottom half of the set I see often, but I like how you mixed it up. 8/10
@Vogue: 8/10

I think your armor set is a bit skimpy. Also, Blade of Wizardry is a better choice for a weapon to match your transmog and your shield.
7/10 I feel the shield doesn't match.
7/10 Cmode is the new Judgement
not bad ill give ya a 6.5
Pinata! I dig it!

I imagine that's what Sunwalkers look like but for me I was going for of a Crusader kind of feeling over the righteous Paladin look.

@Handrol Sexy as but reminds me of swifty too much 8/10.
@Joshie 9.5/10

Really cool evil look but the old armor textures do start to show their age.
very nice, would be better with no skirt and no male BE though lol'

still, 9.5/10 - weapons and armour match great
8/10 - If only it wasn't for the sword and belt.
nicely matched and also like that you aren't wearing the helm (I don't care for the look). 10/10
You look more like a Death Knight, and the sword doesn't match.

9/10 Love the horns with that mog set

Still looking for a good 1her for my prot set, but I love love love this neck guard mog (helm)
I'm pretty picky when it comes to non-set transmogs (that is to say, mix-and-matching different pieces), but yours is done quite well. The Ancient Iron Heaume and Furious Gladiator's work surprisingly well together.
That being said, the orange-gold trim (and to a less extent, the greenish tinge) of the belt and boots looks out of place, and I'm not a huge fan of your weapon (when compared to the rest of your set. But weapons are weapons, they don't always have to match the armor). The cloak's passable, but again, just me being picky.

Overall, pretty nice

Consider running Vault of Archavon if you want the belt and boots that match Furious Gladiator's. That would easily make your set a 9/10

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