Varian Wrynn solo

It appears hunters can easily solo Varian if you're lucky enough to not catch alliance attention.
Edit: better video.
Also, I will see what I can do about better quality video later.
Well done.
How did you get your GCD down to a split second!?

I'm kidding ,good work! Quite interesting that you did this as survival. Would I be right in assuming most of varians deadly abilities are AoE?
His whirlwind damage is pretty negligible, spirit bond was almost enough to keep up with it, if you are too far away he can leap and stun you for a sec, but really nothing too bad, his melee was a little too much for a ferocity pet to stay alive for me.
Awesome Job ^_^
Better quality video is up
Out of Tenacity spec you could have used a turtle or beetle i bet and it would have been easier. Also, 50 gold is a rip off.Should have been at LEAST 1000.
Nice job man; well done. And yes I do believe its hunter first for that.
Thanks for speeding up the video. How long did it actually take? What was your overall dps once he died?

Good work.
It took about 50-55 minutes, I started a stopwatch shortly after starting, the dps ended up at about 178k. I thought of going turtle but I decided using a buff pet instead as I was more worried about spending too much time on it so I went with attack speed instead since damage wasn't too hard to heal through except when Crithto joined in. Thanks all for the compliments.
Who let the Pug out? O:
I must have missed it -- when in the video did Crithto jump in? lol
Grats. Pretty sure all the faction leaders (except Ironforge because of stun locks) are soloable which is quite sad. Hopefully one day they'll create another incentive for raiding enemy cities again. They're so fun (for both offense and defense) but are rarely done this days.
Rarely done because so few are interested in world pvp. And every time its brought up, people have no interest in it. Congrats on the kill. Had to be off hours for an hour long battle to not be interupted.
05/01/2014 10:29 AMPosted by Jäyde
Rarely done because so few are interested in world pvp.

I disagree - it's not that there's no interest in it, it's that the risk:reward ratio isn't at all beneficial. When the black war bear was brand new, there were For the Alliance/Horde runs very frequently - now everyone and their mother has one there's no need to raid enemy cities because you get nothing from it.
Oh, carp, a blue. Now they might see our sekrit take-over-the-world (of Warcraft) plans! =(
So sorry, did you say easy? Seemed like that took an hour of grueling work. >.>
Grats! This kind of stuff is so cool, i wish more forum threads where of this and not the lesserbeings qq'ing.

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