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05/02/2014 05:26 AMPosted by Harrymauls
For the people saying "If you don't want to fly then don't", we don't have that option. Unless we are constantly looking for someone with a two person mount.

where in pandaria MUST you fly to get to?

edit: the ONE area of tillers dailies? that's what you're basing your whole argument on? ok then....
05/02/2014 05:26 AMPosted by Harrymauls
To get quite a bit accomplished In the game it's almost mandatory if not completely mandatory that you pay for flying.

No it's not. Everything you need done can be done on the ground.

The problem is with time constraints, and Blizzard is effectively trying to tell you how long you have to take in order to get something done. Apparently we burn through things too fast and somehow Flying is the culprit. As if their Raids they come out with weren't long enough, or the content they put forth isn't entertaining us long enough, somehow, being able to travel from Point A to Point B is too fast and causing us to burn content at an alarmingly accelerated pace.
I can think of very few places where you actually need to fly.
05/02/2014 05:34 AMPosted by Harrymauls
05/02/2014 05:30 AMPosted by Zulan
Hey look two low level alts posting on a flame-bait topic. Nice try fellas.

Hey look a troll that doesn't agree with the topic so he tries to derail it with nonsensical garbage that doesn't matter.

Nice try though.

Two trolls trying to hide behind low level alts..

Nothing to see here, move along.
05/02/2014 02:07 PMPosted by Vinxnotha
Please show me, at any one time, where you are FORCED to fly.

You are playing a game that you log in to on your own free will.

You are NEVER forced to do anything in game. Since you never have to log in the game.


This is just a variation on the "I am forced to PvP for the 608 cloak" threads..

You are not forced to do anything in this game..
05/02/2014 05:52 AMPosted by Will
I don't see why everyone is crying so much about no flying in WoD. I am thouroughly excited to hear about it and there are many reasons for it.

The first being that it actually makes players experience the landscape that Blizzard put so much time into face to face.

Secondly, now hear me out, no flying leads to less lowbie ganking. This may not seem apparent at first but back in BC/WotLK on Azeroth if a lowbie were to be ganked it was fairly easy to get away. Rez up, mount up, and B-line to the nearest friendly base. Since even lowbies (generally) have the same mount speed theres no "ima get on da flyer and catch up real fast."

Finally, no flying leads to WPvP. The best kind of PvP in my opinion. There is truly nothing more epic than being part of a 40+ man raid group that runs from Theramore to Orgrimmar to battle it out in the middle of a city. The travel aspect was half of the fun! Now it is just fly there from all different directions. Ground mounts make people see eachother face to face, which causes a fight right on the spot, and that is what PvP servers are all about, not the silly flying mount teasing that goes on right now.

In conclusion, flying mounts have really taken out the open world aspect of the game. They have made it just a fly-by... theres no more experiencing.

Edit: Spelling.

People not wanting to do WPvP killed WPvP. Not flying mounts. Stop trying to push this agenda.
05/02/2014 05:26 AMPosted by Harrymauls
we don't have that option.

Why don't you? As I stated elsewhere: Blizzard does not delete your ability to use a ground mount the moment you get flying.

Efficiency while leveling? Both are just as efficient.

Competition while leveling? Exactly WHO are you competing against? Just about every class has some sort of on the ground speed bonus. Also, ranged class theoretically have an advantage over melee classes while leveling.

Competition with gathering professions? Know where I fly while I gather? The outskirts of the zone. It's not like Bliz doesn't put in 1 billion herb/mining nodes everywhere else in a zone. A skinner doesn't even really need flying because all of their "nodes" are everywhere.

So explain to me without using the three above lame excuses, exactly why you aren't able to use your ground mount?
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