Flying is allowed at patch 6.1 - so why freak

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See comments from Customer Support on my question.
[Edit] - Removed due to large amounts of profanity tagged in link -

STOP Freaking out our flying.

Since someone messed with my initial picture link, I have created my Flickr account.

Check the photo stream to view the ingame message and also one in my email account.
well, that settles it.
Too bad logic won't work on the Chicken Littles in this forum.
I think I will take the latest dev announcement over one made months ago.
04/27/2014 07:36 AMPosted by Ioria
Too bad logic won't work on the Chicken Littles in this forum.

Thats why I took it upon myself to get the answer right some the source.

Why listen to me or anyone else on this forum..when you have answer directly from Blizzard.

I am sure there would be still at least one who will still call it a lie.
Those people cant be saved.
But i will pray for them...bless their heart!
04/27/2014 07:38 AMPosted by Xath
I think I will take the latest dev announcement over one made months ago. customer support response is my 25 mins ago.!
Oh you did post the thread!

This no flying thing is merely the mass hysteria flavor of the month. The fever will break, people will catch their breath ..... and the hysteria-prone will find something else to panic about.
04/27/2014 07:39 AMPosted by Yserastrasza
04/27/2014 07:38 AMPosted by Xath
I think I will take the latest dev announcement over one made months ago. customer support response is my 25 mins ago.!

Your cs response basically just says the devs made an announcement it would be in 6.1 which they did months ago Bash just made a post saying they aren't sure and want to see the reaction of people to playing without flight.
3 months in.
04/27/2014 07:39 AMPosted by Yserastrasza
04/27/2014 07:38 AMPosted by Xath
I think I will take the latest dev announcement over one made months ago. customer support response is my 25 mins ago.!

So you say, but I don't see a date/time stamp on your screenshot.
I don't get why people are freaking out at all. I guess it's just because there isn't anything worthy of freaking out about and they are desperate for something. I remember everyone freaking out about losing Have Group May Travel.
May I suggest you read Bashiok's remarks about the flying vs. Non flying.

""So everyone has seen various posts and comments around the World Wide Web about flying not being allowed in Draenor, why, and what that means. It’d probably be helpful to try to sum up some of those things, and potentially help build a foundation for anyone’s discussions on the topic going forward.""

"" Our goal is not to make travel time consuming or painful, and with players on ground mounts we know we'll have to do more to try to ensure people can get to where they want to go quickly…
BUT being able to lift off and fly over content compromises many of our goals in how the game world is approached, how it's played, how it's consumed, and how the content is designed to account for those factors. ""
"" We hope everyone can agree, regardless of personal opinion toward flight vs. non-flight, that flying fundamentally alters how content is approached in a world where the gameplay exists wholly on the ground.

In Draenor we’re designing max-level content, portions of zones or zones in their entirety that will be dedicated to max-level gameplay—and not just the top of a cliffside, or some dailies in the Vale. There’s a harsh change in how the game plays between leveling, and when you hit max level. Hitting 100 and instantly switching everything you do to raiding or Arenas is pretty abrupt, and we want to try to keep that questing experience available at max level with something more robust than daily quests. We don’t think having all of that content inside buildings, or constantly challenged by sky cannons, or with magical no-flying smoke, or within some kind of dismount bubble is the most straightforward or best solution to the ultimate issue in that World of Warcraft is not a flight sim, and that's just not what the content of the game is about. Even at level 100 there will be no small portions of the game world intended to provide relevant content even to max-level players. These zones may even unlock over the course of the expansion, or the content in them will progress in story and scope throughout content patches. Content has to be designed with the expectation that there either is or is not flight, and approaching ground-level content from the ground offers more compelling gameplay. Raids, dungeons, and PvP continue to disallow flying for this same reason.

It's also important to think about not just what the content is, but how it's experienced. Not everyone that plays the game cares how quests and outdoor content are experienced, of course. Some may find it unnecessary; they don't feel it adds anything to their experience. Others play through it fairly quickly, enjoy it, but don’t particularly want to put much thought into why. Some may begrudgingly trudge through the content just so they can get to the part of the game they do want to play, and any other number of situations and preferences.

I’m sure some of you see the fortress example with the flying mount and see nothing wrong, if that’s how someone wants to play the game they should be allowed to. But a game is largely defined by its limitations, and the rules within which you must find or create a solution. We’re not trying to create a slow and laborious game (hopefully people actually enjoy the content!), But there’s a big difference between a slow and laborious game and the expectation of instant gratification—not to mention the somewhat nebulous intention of creating and maintaining an engaging and immersive game world. World of Warcraft is a persistent online roleplaying game, and as much as we let players choose how they improve their characters within the world; leveling through dungeons, or PvP, or questing; choosing to do Arenas, or raids, or both; we’re still always wanting to create a holistic experience that supports all of these things. That doesn’t mean we think it’s a good idea to force people to read all their quest text, or stare at and appreciate the pretty new models, or anything like that, but it’s not unreasonable to see that combat and content exist on the ground, understand that, embrace that, and make decisions to support it.

In summary: It’s important to us that we integrate max-level questing into the expansion more thoroughly than designated daily locations on mountain tops, or only have the option of releasing new max level content in magically appearing islands where flight has different rules because reasons. We also know that being able to approach content that’s on the ground from up in the air compromises much of what creates the game world, how it's played, and how it's consumed. The game experience is fundamentally altered when you can lift off and set down wherever you want. And lastly, that we’re not intending to slow anyone down, and we’re going to make sure that players can get where they want to go efficiently through more direct flight points, and potentially alternate travel methods.

None of this is new philosophy; it's something we've maintained since Burning Crusade when flight was introduced, but it has evolved over the years, and I expect it to continue to be—like everything we do—an iterative process. And hopefully this has been at least marginally informative. ""

Another :
"" Posted by Annastasi
we have yet to receive an answer as to when flying will be implemented, if at all.

sounds to me like not at all.

And Bashiok's reply;
We don't know. We don't purport to have definitive answers for anything, especially before we've even begun external testing.

So at this time nothing seems confirmed either way by those who would be in contact with developers more than a customer support staff member would.

I am sorry, but , I'll put my trust in Bashiok's source of info . lol
04/27/2014 07:31 AMPosted by Yserastrasza
See comments from Customer Support on my question.

STOP Freaking out our flying.

Not freaking, just in need of information that is not available at the moment before I can make a purchase.

It has been mentioned by devs:
1) Quest chain completion required to access 5 mans.
2) No flight at release, and maybe not ever in WoD content.

This gives good odds that I will be unable to access 5 mans, which are required to gear for raiding, which basically terminates the game I pay to play, before I can play it. Even with 6.1 flying, the horse has already left the barn. Maybe some can enjoy the game hopping into 6.1, doing a catchup and then joining the raid. That has never been very fun to me, even when I briefly switched to a paladin in Wrath to tank heal ToC and beyond (till we got to bubbleking); the paladin never felt involved or "right" in the story. I even tried doing that expensive sword quest to make him feel part of the story, to no avail.

Now, I can't know the answer to the question I need answered till beta; whereas, if I knew flight would be available on attaining max level, I would be confident that I could complete the quest chains required without much difficulty.

If the quest is like, ride up the hill in Timeless and kill all the cowguys and take their horns; then I can complete it without flight. If its find the super special path up the hill and bless the altar of coolness, I probably can not do it without flight. Thus ending the game for me.

I would like to avoid paying $120 for a game I can not play. Why is that called "freaking out?"

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