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I can log into character screen but it doesnt matter what character I choose the load screen will go to 75% and then stall and soon after disconnect. Please Fix this.
I just had the same issue. My load bar would get almost to the end and then I would get DC'd.
can't log in on any realms I have toons on... Why??
Same issue here.
I have the same issue. Gets almost there and then says I got disconnected from server.
Same issue here
Yep, same thing here.
Having the same issue. No addons are active and it gets to about 9/10 complete loading and hangs for a minute and then I get thrown back to the login screen with a disconnect notice.
Same issue :(
Well they did have maintenance yesterday. What could we expect. I can't get in on any toon either.
As always, Typical Blizzard QA at its finest

You are supposed to test on TEST Environment BEFORE rolling out to Production

Fix your !@#$!
Same here as well :(
Same problem here since yesterday :(
Halp! :S
Same issue - log in fine, load character to 90% and then disconnected from the server.
same problem here. gets almost done loading and then boots me out to a log in screen...
same, fix please
Same here =[
Well I am glad I am not the only one which means they cannot blame my ISP.
same with me...75% complete and then a disconnect

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