Am I The Only One Who Loved Vashj'ir?

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I love Vashj'ir now. I did it just about two weeks ago on one of my rogues. There is a rogue talent that puts you behind the target upon using Ambush and Cheap Shot. This made the annoying parts of Vashj'ir easy, same as charge did on my druid. It is super annoying on a caster though... omg looting -_-

Other than that PITA issue, it looks and is fantastic! I live near the Atlantic coast IRL, and for my entire life I have lived in a town or city located on a really big harbour so I love anything sea related! Can't swim though, lol. :P
Yes, you're the only one that loved that place. I could only stomach it for resource farming and one round of questing for the achieves. Otherwise, I have done Hyjal every single other time.
I enjoyed it the first time, but avoided it every alt thereafter.
05/06/2014 05:32 AMPosted by Lahgtah
Deep water is terrifying to me because of near-death experience I have had when I was little and at the beach.

I still freak out when I'm in water up to my waist, and still can't swim.

The zone itself is beautiful, and I love the concept behind it and that they did something different. I still prefer Hyjal, though. I am going to have to swallow my fear and do enough quests for the Loremaster of Cataclysm achievement eventually...
but no weapons drop till much later, and cant use the mount anywhere else under water, and the naga battlemaiden. that was weird.
Absolutely love Vashj'ir. I go back there quite often, just to swim around and enjoy the scenery.

I love the colors and the overall atmosphere. Of course, I lived near the Atlantic for most of my life. Huge nerd when it comes to oceanography and marine biology. Definitely missed my calling in life.
Best zone in the game. Haters just suck and can't navigate the underwater 3D space or appreciate the slower pace.
I can't believe so many people came here to complain about it. I loved it as well. Is still one of the only "original" zones in the game. Great quest line, great design, great fun. I also love the new Thousand Needles. Another "original" idea.

My sword swingers, (warriors, death knights & paladins), I run through Hyjal, because I usually give them professions requiring mining.

I run hunters through Vshj'r because there is nothing work skinning in Hyjal.

My mage and druid aren't high enough, but I will probably run them through Vashj'r.
It was a pretty cool zone.

A bit too linear for my taste but meh.

Certain class mechanic don't function all that well in water (target reticules for example).
05/06/2014 05:28 AMPosted by Berronax
Like seriously, I LOVED that zone, it's the only place I go to level when I hit 80, Hyjal can suck it.

Yes, you are the ONLY person. :-)
Hi, Berronax!

Vashj'r is definitely one of my favorite zones in the game; the unique underwater movement paired with the extraordinary, colorful design is wonderful. The quest line was always quite interesting--although I did not particually enjoy the quests inside of those enormous creatures.

I am very glad that other people enjoy the zone as much as I do!
Watching this lastest Artcraft gives me an appreciation of how zones are created in a game which by the way I hope we see more of.

I love Vashj'r and commend the artists at Blizzard that created that zone.I'm just not that much of a fan of underwater environments but you cannot deny that the zone is beautiful.
I grew up on an island. Vashj'ir reminded me of my childhood adventures. Loved it. Don't understand the whole z-axis thing.
Was a fun zone, but It has a feel of you just kinda exploring around not doing anything to important.

Mt. Hyjal had some truly epic quest chains, epic music, and epic enemies. You really could sense the beginning of the cataclysm. It kinda has that raid feeling of epicness when your questing.
I like the aesthetics and tunes, but everything else is sub-par to hell no.
05/06/2014 01:30 PMPosted by Mercurize


Whale shark actually saved me from a ganker once..

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