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Wyrmrest Accord
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When the land was split asunder, so many cried out in terror and agony. The people, the land, the very spirits that inhabited all living things - they wept in confusion and desperation, having lost so much with nary a hand to save them from their fall.

When the drums of war and revolution thundered through the lands, countless more fell victim to the merciless destruction and senseless violence.

The Shu'halo especially felt the brunt of loss. Taurajo, Freewind, Cliffwalker, Aparaje ... so many villages, so many tribes lost or scattered.

No longer. There must be a symbol of hope and sanctuary, even as the drums of war cause the ground to quake. Forged from the shattered past of a once thought extinct tribe, the Thundermoon tribe will meet those who would dare threaten the children of the Earth Mother and turn them back.

From Mu'sha's gaze, there is light in darkness.
From An'she's radiance, there is comfort in the lonely Hunt.
From the Thundermoon, there will be peace for our people.


Basic Info
Horde Guild - RP/PvX (Is that a thing? We do whatever.)
Guild Site: thundermoon.enjin.com
Leader: Ebon Thundermoon

You may request to join through either in-game mail or signing up on our website.

Who Are We?

<Thundermoon Tribe> is a Horde RP guild - specifically, a Tauren tribal guild. While new to Wyrmrest Accord, we have a long history dating back several years on our former server, Feathermoon. Having gone into remission shortly after the end of Cataclysm, we have come seeking a new home among the verdant lands of the Accord. We have a small core of friendly players with a broad spectrum of skills and knowledge - anywhere from staunch lore buffs to high-end PvE progression to even "Hordecore" PvP!

Our goal is simple - to enjoy what we love. What we love is the Tauren culture and mythos.

The Thundermoon Tribe is one of new beginnings, where anyone in the tribe may influence the course of its future, so long as their passions and tenants are strong enough. Will we be a progressive raiding force? A PvP juggernaut? A center of lore and history? Perhaps all of the above? We will see.


Are only Tauren allowed in?
Actually, no! We accept all races and levels, so long as their character is in line with the guild's major tenant - aiding and protecting the Tauren people, lands and culture. You have an interesting idea for a quirky merchant looking to establish a trade route with a fledgling Tauren village? Perhaps you're a wandering mercenary looking to aide the Thundermoon in their endeavors? Or maybe you're just wanting to hang out with the biggest and debatably most cuddly (Pandaren be muscling in on this territory) race in Azeroth?

Do you plan on raiding?
We plan on it, yes. We have voice chat set up and quite a few seasoned raiders in our group - we might not be on league to do progression style raiding, but we undoubtedly will have a strong raiding core going forward.

Can my guild form a pact/alliance with yours?
I don't see why not, unless you're part of the Evil League of Evil style of guild (or Alliance based). Always fun to interact outside the walls of an insular guild setting, you know!

What kind of RP can I expect to find with the tribe?
We are a Tauren community, seeking to protect and flourish all that is Tauren related. You will find a good amount of social interaction among guild members, though given that we call from all flavors of player, you can find anything from PvP warparties to friendly, casual chatting. We do encourage all of our members to take an active role in building the guild - events run a rather large gambit. Feel free to add your own, should you be so inclined!
A bump for Tauren unity!
Here is hoping that many will join, for growth in all the aspects of gameplay and role-playing. I look forward to meeting many new people! Huzzah for Tauren!
The Earthspear Tribe welcomes you,

My druid will be speaking with you soon on tribal relations.
Has anyone seen my feral staff? I seem to have misplaced it...
The Shadowhoof Matron emerged from her hut in Bloodhoof Village, it wasn't quite the home she was used to since the move from Feralas. The cover of the tall trees, the wildlife singing in the distance, the feeling of the rain soaring through the trees. But part of her home was here now, with the rest of the Shadowhoof and the Thundering Herd. Dawnsky stretched in the afternoon sunlight, at least enjoying the feeling of An'she warming her fur. There were many chores to get done around the village and she knew she'd have to get a runner to gather supplies as well to send to their new allies.

The Thundermoon Tribe had recently been inducted into the Thundering Herd, right here in Bloodhoof itself. It was a great feeling in of itself, that their allies were growing and that more tribes were resurfacing. With the Horde and Alliance war at what appeared to be an end, perhaps more would appear soon. For now the Thundermoon were still making their place in the world once again and Dawnsky knew they would need more supplies as they grew and took more into their fold.


Yay Thundermoon! :D Can't wait to see how many more flock to your swiftly growing numbers! <3
05/14/2014 06:42 PMPosted by Thundermoon
A PvP juggernaut?

::sends Tauren sleeper agent::

Hope to see ya'll around.
Welcome aboard.
Feathermoon? I welcome you.
I read it as "Thundermoo Tribe".

I lol'd.
*bump for the good peeps*
Bump for fellow moos!
Bump with Moo love!
*drops a lemon*
Just wanna drop in and say that I ran into a couple of folk from this Tribe in Pandaria Thursday night and they were a joy to hang out with while waiting for a spawn we all wanted. Definitely seem like good folk!
So come next month I'm transferring over my Druid(A Tauren obviously), how active are you guys? Cause I'll be looking for a guild to run with on them.
I've been with them a couple days now, and the guild seems exceedingly active. I have yet to be online alone.
Enjoyed the random RP with one of your members. Stamp of approval n' all that.
Bump for the Thundermoon! :>

Any chance there may be an event coming up or time/day folks are around to RP? I'd love a chance to bump into you all and see if it's a good fit.

Tanul Spiritmane

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