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My mage is my main because she was the first character I made on this account and the most time has gone into her.

But I kind of like my rogue more.
My so-called "main" character is...

The character I happen to be playing at the time. Might be this mage and then again it might be my priest or my lock.

I don't buy this whole"main"/ "alt" thing.
My main was my druid i created back in 06. Then after i maxed in mists i just didn't enjoy playing it anymore. Didn't really like the split of bear and cat on top of playing the same toon for 7 years.

Now this guy is my main and i am having fun again.
For me, it's simple.

PvE = Gnome Arcane Mage is my main.

PvP = Sin Rogue is my main.

Questing/reputation/etc achievements, the Arcane Mage I've played since early TBC is my main.

(When one of your toons has 61 exalted reps, and the other has ~20, it's pretty clear who your main main is.
General main for me: Kenshi the monk
Healing main: Any of my 5 or so priests.
My main has been this toon ever since I got her to lev 60 in Van right after my hunter. I'm not sure why especially since I'm not an RPer but I've stuck with her through all the ups and downs with rogues throughout the years. Swapping mains for any reason is alien to me.
My horde hunter and druid had been my mains for roughly 7 months before I ended up switching to a draenei pally, which was the start of my descent into alliance. Before, I had no main.

I switched to my pally around January and have considered her my "main" though I have other characters that outgear her by a lot. She is the figurehead I guess. My druid faction-changed for the second time and is now alliance. I only have two horde 90s left... I guess finally finding a guild does that to you. :)

Edit: glitchy character switch
I don't have a main. Depending on how I am feeling and the state of the game, I can have a favorite but it changes.
I definitely call BB my main, and he pretty much is the end all be all.

I do have a tanking main (Flows), and a horde main (Vynie, but I am working on shslmonk, my mistweaver on a different server as both that and my healing main), but for all intents and purposes, Beyondbirth will always be my main.
This being the first one ever made when I began playing and he is the one I do the most with so this is my main though I have a main alt which is my favorite alt they shall never be my main.
Long story short I came back last year and rolled a Shaman (that was my main in TBC). I've always wanted to play a DK so I leveled to 55 with the Shaman and I just fell in love with my DK when I made her and Veranolth has been my main since then.
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How do you decide on what toon is your main?

I have 17 90s (plus an 89 & 78) but I've never had a problem picking a main.

From 2004 - 2008, my main was a hunter.

2008 - now, my death knight. Hunter became my #2 character.

They are the classes I enjoy the most.
There honestly doesn't need to be a distinction other than personal preference.

For me, my "main" is this Priest. She's the toon I play most often, enjoy most and do the most raid progression on. I get achievements with her, raid on her, level and gear her first, etc. All of my other toons are "alts" because I don't play them often or they are "for a purpose" toons, meaning they are farmers or crafters or only there to support this Priest.

"Main" and "Alt" really don't mean much to anyone other than the person playing the character and if you have 2 or 3 or 10 toons you enjoy equally then you could have that many "mains" and no "alts".
I don't decide.

Denndei as always been my main regardless of what kind of shenanigans Blizz is pulling with the warrior cass.

And when it came to making a true alt for me to play and start gearing, I made another warrior, also named Denndei.

Dilemma solved.
I don't have a "main"; I have alts that are my favorites due to me playing on them more often and/or just sentimental about them more than others.

The ones I play more often or just plain like more are:

1) my lvl 90 female dwarf hunter that I use to see how easy / hard content to play on other alts / classes.
2) Lvl 90 female gnome warlock for lolz
3) Lvl 90 female NE druid for healing and lolz
4) Lvl 50's male BE paladin because of the hairstyle, lolz and doesn't look anorexia compare to female BE in Pants
5) Lvl 80's female BE mage that I like just because and winded playing more often than not
6) Lvl 84 female dwarf warlock I like because of the casting animation
7) Lvl 90 female human mage that I just winded up playing more often than not
8) lvl 90 female orc warlock that do archeology on and like her casting animations
9) Lvl 90 female draenei shaman that heal more often and is one of my oldest alts (literally the 2nd created, dwarf hunter and gnome warlock are like 3rd & 4th ones)
8) Lvl 90 female draenei shaman on separate server due to the 1st one being on crumpy one. Mostly do elemental dps on this one
9) lvl 80's female NE warrior that I just like
10) Lvl 60's female troll warrior that I just like
11) lvl 30's female undead warrior that I just like
12) Lvl 90 female tauren hunter that I just like and love to dance whenever I can
13) this alt for forum posting; really don't like playing on her but using her to voice my opinions and thoughts are

That just small sample of alts I have , I have alot of alts spread across different servers. Whenever I'm bored or having a tough time on one, I just hop on another and continue on. I really don't have a set "main" and thank goodness I don't because WoW would be boring for me being stuck in one form / class.
05/24/2014 01:12 AMPosted by Renrashin
Go with age. I main my oldest

This is my philosophy, no matter how much I play a death knight, I will always be a paladin by heart. I was lolret in vanilla/ BC and suffered alot during, until wrath hit and I was actually viable.

My DK became most played between cata and Mop. In wrath i played my dk and pally. Though my paladin was mostly played in wrath.

The only reason I really play my frost dk more is because it feels like ret paladin back in wrath. So that alone says something.
Your main is the toon you love playing the most. Any other toon is an alt.
05/23/2014 06:57 PMPosted by Pistachios
How do you decide on what toon is your main?

I would argue it's not a conscious choice for the most part, and if it is, it's more dictated by a raid group or something (e.g, I can't switch mains at the drop of the hat because it would hinder my raid).

Personally, my Warlock came to be my main simply because it was the first class I played I actually enjoyed.
05/23/2014 06:57 PMPosted by Pistachios
I have an issue. I have a bad case of alt rolling. I have been playing this game for 10 years. For the first four years i considered my Druid to be my Main.

When Wrath hit my Paladin was my main.

When Cata hit all my thoughts on "Main" faded.

I currently consider my main to be 4 toons. Paladin, Priest, Hunter and Warlock. I have 11 90s.

How do you decide on what toon is your main?

My plan is to level the 4 mention at the same time in WoD, that seems a bit overwhelming with Garrisons added into the mix.

I have 26 characters total (6 of them Rogues). My Main is the character that I raid/grind achievements with (which would be this char). I "switched mains" when I stopped playing my Shadow Priest at the end of Cataclysm (Rhianyablack), and went to this character after some minor guild drama.

Most people seem to define their "main" as the character a.) they play the most, b.) they raid/pvp on the most, or c.) the char they get all their achievements on. Though, the latter isn't so much a thing now since most achievs are account-wide, but there are still some that are limited to obtaining on 1 char (Argent Tournament Crusader progression, metas for The Insane/60 Exalted Reps, etc.).

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