MW RBGs, level 90 talents [PvP]

I was just wondering what other mistweavers are using in RBGs as far as the level 90 talent tier goes. The big draw of chi torpedo for me is being able to use it while silenced, however I feel that it's only strong when paired with Celerity, and I'm not sure I would take that over Tiger's Lust, which I can use on team members to help them out. However, due to the number of blanket silences in the game, and especially since these are really the only way to land a kill on a monk, being able to heal at all while silenced is a pretty huge benefit.

I have been experimenting with RJW lately and have had some really, really good results on some maps, generally those with a lot of tightly packed fighting (EoTS, Gilneas sometimes). The biggest draw for me here is that it's another instant cast chi generator, and the less I have to cast soothing mist the better. Plus it does a respectable amount of healing (and damage) on its own and continues to tick even if I get cc'd, which is also nice. Really great for helping spin flags as well.

I am not sure if Xuen is a good option over Chi Torpedo or RJW but I also haven't used it much at all lately. Compared to the other two choices and the rather long cd, I don't think I could justify taking it.

If any other RBG mistweavers would like to share their choice for this tier and the reasoning behind it I would really like to hear! Thanks!
I've been having fun with my build for pvp (random bg's, and Tol Barad).
I run Xuen for maps such as WSG or Twin Peaks, Silvershard Mines but any map that is a node capture map such as AB and since the nodes in EOTS in RBGs and any other maps that need to be "right clicked" to capture I run with RJW. Im just one extra person to help spin flag incase the main person is CC'd off.
tiger's lust, Chi wave, chi brew, ring of peace, diffuse magic, xuen imo
Thanks a lot for the replies everyone! I will definitely try out Xuen this week and see if it works out. I could see how the extra burst damage would be nice on flag carrier maps. Will probably stick with RJW for maps where you need to spin flags, like Demhealstho mentioned. Thanks again! =D
Uh... seriously??? Rjw doesn't work for spinning the flag... lol.
I use Chi Torpedo as a personal preference. I like to be more mobile. Sometimes there's insane fights at flags so I'll Chi Torpedo across everyone. Makes me less of a target the more I use it too. I leave the damage up to the dps. A healers main purpose is to heal. Xuen is great too. Sometimes I switch talents depending on my mood. I think all 3 are great talents but it depends on what suits your play style.
I use Xuen but pop it defensively alot for the aoe heals.
06/05/2014 09:38 PMPosted by Zealsie
Uh... seriously??? Rjw doesn't work for spinning the flag... lol.

LOL? It definitely does
06/11/2014 06:20 PMPosted by Demhealstho
LOL? It definitely does

I believe RJW is a DoT and as all dots they do not stop flag capping same goes for CJL
rjw stops flag caps
06/11/2014 08:27 PMPosted by Mifen
rjw stops flag caps

Phew, Thank you Mifen. They're ganging up on me. =[[[[

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