Shared Cooldown

Since my previous thread was too in depth asking too much, I'm opening this one.

Please take Crusader Strike off the shared cool down with Divine Storm / Hammer of the Righteous

This will help us Paladins who have nothing to press for a few global cool downs.

Anyone agree/disagree?
It's fine.
As a tank, when do you have GCDs with nothing to push with such regularity that it's an issue?
Well if they dont take it off shared cooldown, I think it would be cool if they made it to where DS gave us HP, since it does take over CS. On top of that it would be nice to receive an aoe finisher, something like TV, I think it would give us more options.
The point is, there is down time where you can twiddle your thumbs because you can't be attacking. Adding another finisher would not help at all, as it would replace TV in "rotation"
We need something more to press that does any piddly amount of damage so that we're not doing NO damage during a fight. Divine Storm / Hammer of the Righteous / Crusader strike were like this in the past, and could be like this again.

As for tanks, their ability that effectively replaces Crusader Strike is Hammer of the Righteous, whereas for ret, doing AoE, divine storm does not effectively replace Crusader Strike.

Give me another button to hit!!! PLEASE!

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