Aoe Grind 80-85 Still Viable?

So what do you think, would grinding from 80-85 be viable or would questing simply be better?
Better question: Why would you want to grind for hours?

Anyways, you probably won't be able to kill a lot of enemies at once. They've got a ton more health now and hit for a lot more.
Don't ruin this mages dreams. I too wonder the same. If there are mobs to kill we will do it. I am sitting on some 80 elites in cathedral of darkness right now I am going to farm to see how that goes for expin wotlk. They have 37800 health level 80 elite and you pull 44 mobs per pull with 5 minute reset. Should be 81 in 2 hours. This would help me defeat overcrowding and traffic in hyjal/vash jir. Anyone know what the server first people are hitting the first level in? I'm guessing in the first hour they are already 81 and 1.5 hours later 82 and 83 I'm guessing 2~ hours? 84 and 85 I haven't a clue though.
AOE Grinding just doesn't make sense anymore. Quests are fast, streamlined, offer good gear rewards, provide a good story. AOE grinding just doesn't make sense in today's WoW. This isn't 2005 WoW...
That's an excellent point Trajik, and AOE grinding certainly isn't for everyone. That said, many people (myself included) find it a very enjoyable alternative to questing. I hope it is still reasonably viable, but if not, I'll likely still do it sometimes anyhow.
I don't know that it's viable with how little damage blizzard does now. The damage was so low I could have taken it off my bars for pvp and never missed it. I honestly think my blizzard was stronger at 70.

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