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So with the passing of the beloved chieftain Cairne Bloodhoof I was wondering why he has no statue ...

The dark lady , Highlord Fordring and Highlord Fordragon all have statues but our beloved chieftain has none. I propose that in the courtyard of where he use to be a statue to him be made. I am sure that more than me would agree and I would love to hear feedback to this idea to get it support and to get a statue of our beloved Cairne Bloodhoof commissioned ....

Come on people more people sign !!!
Because statues are made of metal and Tauren, as a race, would rather respect nature and leave the metal in the ground.
Dunno about a statue. But at least a totem pole or shrine.
12/07/2010 2:25 AMPosted by Iktome
Dunno about a statue. But at least a totem pole or shrine.

I totally support this. Not necessarily a statue or any such things, just some place to honour him would be great.
Well a Wooden statue or stone not a metal monstrosity ... Something like Trion has in Lights hope or What the Dark lady has in Brill ...

It wouldn't take much to add this even. Make it happen blizz.

The leader of IF got a statue when he got cursed.
So we want a Bloodhoof statue :D
Tauren aren't really the statue type.
because Kalimdor doesn't believe in statues :O
A statue wouldn't make sense. How many statues of famous Tauren do you see in game?

Cairne's my favorite WarCraft character, but I think it wouldn't make sense to have a statue of the guy. Maybe a totem dedicated to him, but giant statues of fallen heroes just don't fit the Tauren culture.
Cairne was a hot headed old cow who grossly over reacted when he had no hard evidence (very ironic considering many of those are reasons he hates Garrosh so much).

Also, the Horde as a whole don't seem to be into statues. We've a lot of heroes who are more deserving of a statue and don't have one.
I don't want a statue, but a totem of shrine would be nice. Statues don't seem very Tauren-esque.

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