Wow at the queue

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All but Gundrak are high or locked. Blizzard needs to fix this @*%*.
How about going outside and having some sex while you wait? That's what I've been doing and it passes the time just fine.
at least the ques aren't where they were for wrath launch, 4k+ was so bs
queues where over 9000 for wotlk 18 hr waits
long queue times FTL :(
Yep 4pm the next day try to log in and the queue's 1500+ sigh!
Wow heres the massivie Que again, im at 1500 at this very moment. -_-
*sigh* and again...blizzard seriously pull your fingers out and do something about this.

1. Stop giving all those free trials out or limit them to servers with low populations.

2. Im sure you have the funding to be able to increase server populations furthermore, i mean cmon yous make something in the region of $240,000,000 a month.

I have finished my tea, had my cheesecaek... and still the queue thwarts me.
They're rolling in our cash and laughing at us! kinda makes me want to throw this cata box off a cliff somewhere.
Should i Continue my gametime????It was alway full...and keep fking bored...
We have had well over 5000 transfers in the past few weeks to our server, ive been on this server since early bc, and its growing too big, dammit stop transfering here
agreed, make this server so its not able to have people come in anymore, or at least for a while.
and give free transfers off for people to scram
been like an hour and im still only at like 558, so pathetic
Im at 919 atm...

"Frostmourne is full"

yeah full of trolls that are trolling our gametime! :(
Logged on at 2000 in que, not on! I only get a few hours to play! Any word free transfers? Frosty has been home since it was live but i just cant wait this long even if it only happens on holidays and when something new is live.
is the queue up to 2000+ already? wow gg just like last night all over again.

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