Minor Glyphs need to be reviewed

Honestly our minor glyphs are a a complete joke atm, all of them are litterally useless. Hopefully they get reviewed once they set themselves to balancing things at 85.
Minor glyphs are not made for DPS increase anyway,
are you expecting Minor Glyphs to give like 20% extra damage to Crusader strike or something?

Reducing the mana cost for casting Blessings of XXX, Seals and idunnowutlol are still pretty useful IMO.


Minor glyphs give convenient or cosmetic improvements, such as reducing a spell's cost or removing the need for a spell's reagent.
swutching from SOT , SOR or SOJ is very mana consuming i found swtiching these in pvp or pve are must to gain that increase to dps
Our minor glyphs are all discounts to already cheap buffs I use once per 30 minutes.

Until and unless they give us any minor glyph that DOES something, even something as simple as "Gives your judgements a 30 second graphical wing/halo buff" I'll roll without.

The community (and I in particular) have provided an endless stream of cosmetic suggestions. All ignored, and the only minor we had that did anything at all was buffed 50% and made a major.
Paladin glyphs, overall, are pretty laughable. :(
There is a great opportunity to add fun and flavour via our minor glyphs. Hopefully Blizz will address this in the future, though it obviously shouldn't be a priority. Seen some great ideas on these forums for minor glyphs!

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