[H] Shadow Priest LF Guild!

Preferable Raid Times: 7-10 Weekdays, Weekends: Anytime

I am a laid back person outside of the raid zone, but when I am in a raid I bring my A game and stay focused. I research my class everytime I feel I am doing something wrong. I am nice and respectful.

I have 450 Alchemy/Engineering ATM and will level those up in the spare time while I'm leveling to 85.

I also love PvP, but I'm searching for a PvE based guild.

Hi, my guild is currently recuiting for 25mans with "alt 10man groups". Once everyone is able to raid, our raids will start at about 7:30pm server and will end around 10:30pm server about 3-4 days a week. Send me a tell in game and i will answer any questions you have.

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