Where does inquisition fit in?

12/08/2010 6:21 AMPosted by Élan
Look, a level 81 Paladin who hasn't seen the absolute #%!@storm that is level 85 dungeons.

You need to pump out all the damage you can in order to hold threat on mobs AND kill them for before the healer goes OOM. These things hit HARD and don't care if you need 5 seconds to get aggro. I'm sure once epics come out this will be less of an issue, but for now you need to be putting out as much damage as possible in order to survive.

Try CCing some things?
12/07/2010 9:35 PMPosted by Greenfly
Yep, doesn't last long enough to fit into any rotation. Probably a slight increase for Ret, but as someone else said, you could get in another TV instead. :-/

Ret does about 50% of our damage as holy. So a 30% holy boost is 15% total damage, less the loss of a TV. Inq is essential for ret, it is just tedious. It is a level 81 trained talent that is worthless for two specs and not wanted by the third.

Inq should be the ret mastery so we can have a mastery that scales with the stat in a useful way.
Exorcism has rare uses, so i see nothing wrong with Prot pally's using it, just make sure you're using it at the right time, and not during your rotation.

In addition Inquisition is for AoE for Prot. It was mentioned earlier, but DP --. Inq -> HotR (remember the AoE portion of this is holy) -> AS -> HotR -> HW -> HotR -> refresh or switch to single target. ( you actually have more time in the rotation to put in a 1 HoPo SotR if you wanted, or drop in cons before one of your HotR's before refreshing.

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