What to do while waiting for the queue...

I cleaned my keyboard and mouse.
Just because people are 85 dosnt mean they dont have jobs
12/08/2010 12:30 AMPosted by Rewz
Just because people are 85 dosnt mean they dont have jobs

its pretty classic 'oh that person is more successful at the game than me they have no life'

because if you're organised enough to take the single day off it takes to get to 85 you must be a loser virgin with no job / life, amirite?

Luckily I have my PS3 beside my computer, loaded with GT5 and scadloads of anime.
I've found working.. at work helps :P

Edit: 0 Achievement points, Oh Noooes!
Facebook, eat dinner, have a shower, has teh coffeez, get ready for allnighter?
I showered, shaved, cut my nails, brushed my teeth and figure am good for another 3 days :P

Haha and yea I totally love how ppl are always like, if hes better than me he has no life, if hes worse than me hes a noob.
I'm watching Aahh! Real Monsters
Unfortunately calling in sick just doesnt fly in the military.
That plus the long queues, overcamped spawns and responsibly early (midnight) bedtimes are just making my time in the evening, well, relaxing, instead of an eye burning grind to 85.

Tbh no rush for me because I'll get there in time enough. Prolly won't hit it til early next week because I got big plans this weekend. ;)

u go play QWOP
reply with your highest score

I just go and make a smoothie.
I'm actually sick so I've been able to ding easy >_>

It's sad because I feel like i'm dying AND a loser.
I suppose I should dust off my CoDBO. I keep forgetting I have an awesome keyboard that tells me my place in the queue while tabbed out of wow.
Now I'm playing Minecraft...
12/12/2010 2:15 AMPosted by Zardii
Who needs constant electronic video stimulation when there's Ball in a Cup, Mexico's favorite toy for over 340 years! Toss the ball, catch it in the cup, dump it out of the cup, toss it, and catch it in the cup again.


Well, I was out all weekend with my gal.
Got to snap some more photos with my Rebel T1i.
Japan has lots of cool things to take photos of.
Yesterday I learned what 'No Photos' means in Japanese lol... but the puppies in the pet store were so cute!
Now... I'm here posting them on flickr... music... and minecraft.
I watch 80s music videos.

I found this one by the band that did the Robot Unicorn song.

I'm pretty sure its about man love relationships - it reminds me of Joviee

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