What level are you?

Hit 81 last night and then went to bed. I love the new zones. The fact that I'm in a water zone slows me down a LOT, but I'm going at my own little pace.

Stupid Green Sand Crabs though. Their "Chop and Slice" or whatever keeps making me want to alt+tab out and listen to You Wa Shock. Every time one uses it I think of the 100 Crack Fist from Fist of the North Star. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET6D2a_tJdM
I've only had time to play for a few hours so i'm only 82 :(

I get off work today at noon and it's my weekend until sunday.

So ill do 82-85 today!

Would you buff me? I'd buff me, I'd buff me so hard.
12/08/2010 9:06 AMPosted by Acintheira
84 here too. I saw you while questing last night Xayton /salute for all the hard work you do for the community.

Haha, you're welcome.

Here's a funny story. I was questing in Uldum and jumping into a lake at the top of a map to kill a quest mob and out of all the people and all of the bodies of water I manage to run into a warrior friend of mine waiting for the mob I accidentally just stole.
Gratz on 58!! Keep it coming!!
I am still level 80. I don't have Cataclysm yet and I wasn't in a hurry to buy it since I'm leveling alts, but now I'm getting jealous of everyone being able to fly and being a higher level than me. I may just buy it tomorrow since I've been using my vacation days--only working a half day tomorrow and will be off work until Monday.
40 something.

<3 Ret
82 and a half, going slowly because my attention was spread between multiple characters - got a worgen up to 12, my human hunter's 19, my night elf mage is 12, and iv'e got four other characters to level too, and poor pesky the gnome warrior needs to level too! >.>

also, the quests in vash'jir were borked, so i decided to not frustrate myself with them just yet. did a bunch of mining and got my engineering high enough to use the bolt gun. spoilers - thing hits pretty hard, you can cast it while moving like a grenade, and it's got an AoE spread. even though it's cooldown is a bit long and it interrupts the swing timer, i suspect it will be a good addition to my dps rotation. :D

loving this expansion so far, going to put in some serious work tomorrow and get myself a bit higher!

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