Cata Questing Experience. What do you think?

How are you paladins liking the new cata quests? More or less than the questing experience of Wrath or BC?

I'm almost done with Hyjal and have done Vashnjir (sp?) until I got the seahorse. So far I think it's a little more fun than Wrath's starting areas. Not sure about BC, that feels like so long ago lol. But chucking bears onto a trampoline has won me over.
Only been top Vash so far but the underwater stuff is fun I like it. I mapped Twilight the other day but otherwise have not been to the other new areas or quests.
Found vash to be a bit annoying, might just be due to the amount of people swimming around at the starting off point. I left thinking that I want to go to Hyjal but I think ill go back and at least get a bit further in Vash before I venture off the Hyjal.

Out of all the expansions so far I preferred Howling Fjord over all the other starting areas. Hellfire peninsula was a bit meh and the Tundra was boring except for Warsong hold.
Ok, I was moving along nicely. Fully enjoying the questing experience. The chucking bears at trampolines quest was awesome... but then I run into the worst quest chain I've seen in a long time:

1) Run for 1 minute
2) Answer the following question: is blood red? is the sky blue? is water wet?
3) Give a speech. If people laugh click the laugh button, if they say kill, click the angry button, if they yawn, inspire them.

I logged off after that...

Had to get back to work, but that was a stupid quest chain.
My wife and I have been doing Vash'Jir. Overall, it's fun. The only downside to Vash'Jir is the total 3d play area of the zone; it's been very disorienting trying to stick together~ish.

"I'm at your dot on the map, are you up or down?"

"I don't know, where are you at?"

And then we swim around trying to find each other.

Where we've been has generally been so crowded, that coupled with the water tinting the names it makes it hard to distinguish. /shrug; we'll get used to it, I'm sure. We only played a few hours last night.

The only especially terrible part is when we get ambushed by casting Alliance. Trying to get in melee range swimming has been difficult. The caster, on the other hand, can just cast from wherever as long as he's in range.
Hi I'm level 85 already, so keep in mind that I barely read anything.

With that said, I would rate this as the best expansion yet as far as questing and general levelling experience. Uldum, Vashj'ir, Deepholm....All very fun zones! I haven't done much in Twilight Highlands or Hyjal yet.

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