Word of Glory for threat?

I heard Word of Glory builds decent threat, but I can't quite figure out what the people who say it are talking about. Can anyone give me the gist of it?
Healing anything generates threat from nearby mobs. That's why healers occasionally pull aggro from stray mobs that aren't taunted. it's not a whole lot, but it is considered an AOE taunt.
WoG tanking even on trash is not viable now since 4.0.3. Protector of the innocent doesn't heal you when you heal yourself, WoG heals for about 15% less even when spec'd.

Per Hpower I could do 9.3k+ heals now its about 3.9k per HP. Too much QQ in PvP about it caused the house of cards to come crashing down.
well, the idea is that
wog = some aggro against multiple mobs
sotr = lots of aggro on single target

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