Ret spec?!?!?

i just started again for cata as ret and was wondering whats the cookie cutter spec
The spec I use 5/0/31 is the best for 80 and at 85 u want to add 2 points to seals of the pure
Not to be a broken record, my friends, but if you don't have Elitist Jerks bookmarked, go do so now. It will answer all your speccing, gemming, enchanting, rotation, BiS, and other questions. Everything guaranteed to be painstakingly theorycrafted and then tested through thousands of iterations by bona fide math nerd/geniuses with borderline OCD.
12/06/2010 6:24 PMPosted by Elidra
You could copy mine, not sure if it's "cookie cutter." Here's what I would roll around with at 85:
or take out rep and put into eye for an eye for raiding.
40% to reflect 30k from 100k magic damage is worth it(not 100% sure if it stacks with buff).

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