Blessed Life - please reconsider the delay

Ok for a season opener I'll admitt the first incarnation was too much. You could literaly run out of a group of five people and live. But now it's gone the reverse in direction, the eight second cool down means to get three charges takes close to a half of a minute. If you're a healer in pvp gettin junked that's a enternity. Sadly it went for bein too powerful to now literaly useless. Since I'm normaly facing some one "dump trucking" on me 1 charge it totaly pointless. It wont even touch reversing the damage. Sadly it's now a not worth having on the bar ability.

Could we maybe reconsider the delay time. I get that it was supposed to be a pally's equivelant to a HoT. But, in it's current form trust me every holy pally would take a weak HoT over it anyday. Sadly all the other healing classes still have one. This now makes pallys yet again a deficent class. Heck make it two seconds. At that level it would still fake for a HoT. But, as there would still be a delay it would be a case of the pally simply spamming it's key to live. With its current form it's worthless and nowhere near comparable to a HoT.

Let the discourse begin.

Completely agree, It was OP to begin with. They nerfed it wayyy to hard :(
Sadly this is true. Prior to the nerf I was about unkillable. Now I'm litttle more than cannon fodder. The lesser heals do not heal for enough to compensate for a solid attacker. They are also still very interuptable. Hot is still instant thus un counterable unless you are very very lucky. Divine light is indeed a massive power heal. But, in pratical application it can be slowed in combat so horribly as to remove it's beinfitt. Lay on hand still remains but has a 8 minute cool down. Thus a holy healing on a bg is now easy meat. While all other classes can pop a HoT and run. We on the other hand are stuck sitting there taking the beating and praying for a massive crit on the heal just to buy us time for our next heal.

I've already had to give up my ret spec for pvp in most bgs. Now sadly holy though a powerful single man healer, is a easy target. Holy shock if you are being attacked automaticaly switches to it's attack form. So that isn't a option unless you hit escape and then hit it. the problem is while you're fighting to target yourself some one is inflicting very solid damage. This would be ok if it didn't have 30 second cool down. but it just doesn't heal enough to compensate for 30 seconds worth of damage.

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