Do I have to Re-install Everything from Disc?

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Dear Guys,

I stopped playing for a few years and decided to grab everything at one go with Catalysm coming out.

I didn't want to use the credit card so I bought everything as physical copies.

So I grabbed the World of Warcraft Battle Chest with the Original game and Burning Crusade in it.

Then Lich King stand alone.

And now Cataclysm stand alone.

In the installation process, the battle chest CDs installed smoothly and then began to patch themselves up.

Then I tried to install Lich King but it went straight in game so I didn't think too much about it.

When I finally got Cataclysm I tried installing it but yet again it said I could go straight to play but when I entered my server Jubei Thos (Oceanic Server), I tried to create a new gobin but it said Cataclysm needed.

I looked around the forums for a bit and I came to the conclusion that I needed to install from the cataclysm disc which I am doing now.

I guess my questions are:

1. Is my above solution to my problem the correct way of doing it? Installing from the DVD?

2. If I have to install cataclym from the DVD does this mean I have to install Lich King from the DVD as well? This is because when I tried installing Lich King the first time, it just went straight into the game without saying I needed to install from DVD.

I tried installing Lich King from DVD before starting the Cataclysm DVD install but I got an error which I assume is from the patching that has already been done.

Hope you guys can help, thanks.


If you're able to log into the game, you have the most recent client. The game wouldn't be able to let you play otherwise. Also, ensure that you've upgraded your account to Cataclysm. As long as you've done those two things, you'll be able to access the Cataclysm content at Midnight, PST when the realms get flagged for the new expansion.
Thanks Barolas, appreciate your help with this matter.

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