Rogue LF-Guild <3

Real Name: Jacob
Age: 19
Occupation: College student; Web Development; Online College

Character: Applying for my main, Silentium - Rogue -
Alts: Eviltouch - Death Knight -; Perditio - Hunter -
Authenticator: Yes
Spec: I play as whatever spec is needed or optimal

Played Since: November 7, 2005; On my Rogue
Raiding Experience:
Vanilla - Everything except The top of Naxxramas and Past Gluth in Construct.
TBC - (Stopped playing at the launch of TBC because I had to focus on school, did come back before wrath) -Karazhan, Mag's Lair, Gruul's Lair, SSC, All of TK except (just...never did it...) Up to "Mother" in BT. No Sunwell
Wrath - Everything except HM ToC and HM LK.

Previous Guilds:
Transferred to Kil'Jeaeden in July of 2010, was in Burnt After Raiding until 4.0.1 Hit and they announced they were taking their core 10man runners and making a 10man guild, I'm not in that group.
Whilst on Chromaggus -
-"Nerve" in Vanilla, long dead now, they didn't pass M'uru. After I left WoW at the end of Vanilla I was gKicked.
-During most of BC I just pugged when I could, mostly with a guild "Reciprocity".
Wrath before I transferred -
My rogue was in "Theophany" till they gDisbanded, cleared all of nax weekly though, with progress on 3drake sarth 25. Joined "RAIDiologists". Downed all but yogg in ulduar 10/25 and about half of the hardmodes. Ended up getting gKicked for telling the GM that a hunter in Ulduar 25 heroic gear should do more then 1.6k dps on Hodir, along with a few friends who stood up for me in the major GChat rage. The guild broke up 3 days later. Took a break to get away from drama, came back when ICC was at 10%, joined "Reciprocity", which was the guild my DK had been in throughout Ulduar (I was dating the GM's daughter at the time, so they hadn't gKicked him). Was with Reci until I transferred to join Burnt.

Raid Times: I can make any raid time set for me, as my classes are online. Also, I do not have money problems ever, so any re-gemming or enchanting I need to have done will get done.

Professions: Enchanting/Jewel crafting. Both will be max within a couple weeks of Cata release, not going for server first though.

Do I own Cata?: Yes, I bought a digital copy a month ago.

Screenshot's Attached - Just queu'd for a random dungeon in the combat SS's.
- My most recent WoW video.

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