<Churning the Maelstrom> LF solos and casuals

*Recruiting skilled Horde Soloers and Casuals*

Hi I'm changing my own personal guild of just me into a fellow soloer and casual player guild.

Players should be age 20+ raid experience and a high skill level are a must.

  • You do need a microphone and solid internet connection -- no excuses for not having that.

    If you are tired of guild politics, guild drama and elitist nerds worrying more about arbitrary loot than having fun then contact me in-game.

    I'll be picking up as many fellow ex-soloers and casuals and we can work towards guild progression as we please and throw a dungeon or raid together anytime and not worry about people who don't understand not to stand in fire.

  • Opt out of elitist guilds, and opt out of moronic guilds and have fun this expansion.

    I will be picking up plenty of players to 85 to get the ball rolling. I look forward to meeting some chill people able to kill some bosses but have fun first.


    <Contact me in-game, or leave a message here for recruitment>

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