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It is isolated to me within my guild but I am only able to get to 500 into friendly...Everybody that I have spoken to in my guild is able to continue on except me.

Any suggestions?

I have attempted to log, quit, etc.

When I turn in a quest it says I have reached the max allowed per week.


It is not predicated on Guild rank... (officer, etc)
I am having the same issue. I logged out earlier and back in and I was able to get more rep. Im about 3k into friendly and it stopped again. :(
Ya everybody else is inching toward Honored and I am stuck at friendly...questing away WASTING my time...

gg QA dept for blizzard.
Yea I've had the same issue, my rep is stuck at 1276 while the rest of the guild is still gaining rep. With the bajillion quests I've done, I should be way higher than that. (Kept seeing that I've reached my weekly max).

I didn't really ask about it until recently so I thought everyone was the same until I realized some of my guildies are halfway to honored and I don't even have 1/4 of my rep.

Are we supposed to be capped and people are bugged so that they can still get more? Or are we supposed to get more and are bugged because we can't?

I want my rep >.>
I was wondering the same thing Daireena...
same problem here.
500/3000 and stuck.

I've completed 100% of every quest in Vashj'ir and haven't moved from 500.
Most of my guild is just a hair under 2000/3000 as of my typing this post.
I've wasted A LOT of opportunity to advance here.

Very annoying.
Having same issues. I'm capped at 1100 Friendly while everyone else was getting close to honored.
I keep getting a message stating "You have earned the maximum amount of guild reputation for the week" whenever I turn in quests.
12/07/2010 5:29 PMPosted by Sidewinder
I also have been completing many quests without any additional rep toward my guild whilst my other guildies are able to continue advancing. This needs to be fixed pronto and I expect to retroactively be given rep for the quests I have already completed.

That would be nice but I hope they can just fix the bug and go from there :)
12/07/2010 5:31 PMPosted by Theintersect

That would be nice but I hope they can just fix the bug and go from there :)

heck no. I did just as much work as all my other guildies. I completed the same quests, and everything else.
It is most definitely not enough they "just fix the bug".
They should absolutely credit ppl with the correct amount of guild rep.
This is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed (linked to possible bug with guild contributions).

To be more thorough: our paladin MT has been questing in Mt. Hyjal all afternoon, after taking a few hours break resumed. She's obtained over 1 million experience and is well on her way to level 81. Her guild contribution is only 105,950 exp, and she's only received about 500 guild rep. Myself, however, I have been questing in Vashj'ir, also just cleared the 1 million exp mark, however, my guild contribution is 901,000 exp, and I've obtained 2,000 guild rep.

The question is, why is our paladin, same guild rank as my warrior, getting such a low contribution and earning so little rep compared to myself.

This is not unique to her. Our #1 contributor has only earned 525 guild rep, with over 1.5 million exp contributed. I cannot figure how to describe methods to repeat this error, as it seems relatively inconsistent. However, I do agree with my fellow, more terse posters: please do what you can to correct this, and be kind and award retroactive rep based on what they should have contributed (I'm sure guilds can live without gaining retroactive guild exp though).

EDIT: It seems that it is possible to correct this (temporarily) by logging out and back in... although this doesn't always work.
I'm also having the same issue about not being able to gain rep I'm stuck at 367 neutral and I have done a lot of quest. Most of my guildies are able to gain rep just fine.
I'm also having the same problem. Once I got to 199 neutral I stopped gaining guild rep. I have almost completed all the Zang marsh quest for Achievment.
Got about 2k into friendly when it stopped for me. After going to sleep, coming back, was able to earn about 2k more when it stopped again. Affecting everyone in guild, all stuck at various random numbers of guild rep.
Same problem as everyone else, start stop, start stop. This is gonna suck to get to 85 and get squat.
It's possible that, since the game came out slightly before weekly resets, some people (who were playing at midnight) managed to get a big lead on their weekly rep maximum before it reset.
Me and my husband are having the same issue in our guild-

Guild Master, her husband (one rank below me) and various others 2 ranks below me are able to get 2000 into Friendly.

Me (Officer) and my husband (two ranks below me) are only able to get 500 into Friendly.

This is rather frustrating. We have all been active in the guild for the same amount of time, have not changed rank recently (we even changed the rank of one of the people who was able to get 2000 friendly before he did to test, and he was still able to hit 2000), or left recently. However, we did not have any of the other guild specific glitches like people not showing up in the roster, or not being able to remove people. Guild is working fine other then this minor annoyance.

12/08/2010 6:15 AMPosted by Xelo
It's possible that, since the game came out slightly before weekly resets, some people (who were playing at midnight) managed to get a big lead on their weekly rep maximum before it reset.

I don't think that's it- my GM and her hubby who got 2k into friendly got their games in the afternoon Tues because of a snow storm. Both her and her hubby were not able to logon until 2pm EST, so they weren't playing at midnight. I WAS playing at 5am, but my husband was not. I don't think time of logon has anything to do with it x.x
I started playing at midnight and played straight through until about 10pm the following night with very small breaks, got to level 83, completed about 150+ quests and many dungeons and was stuck at 1276 rep at friendly while others in guild who started same time and even those who didnt start until hours later are at higher levels of guild rep than I am. I don't think it has anything to do with when they started playing.

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