Feral viability

Think feral will be a viable arena spec this season?
Until the tears get it nerfed like s1 and s5
Feral is crazy now, I want to see more of em.
The fact is, I'm gonna bleed you up, interrupt your healer, and you will die. It really will be that easy, and people will moan, and we will get nerfed. Just.. Like.. Every.. Other.. Expansion..
Not what I want to hear.

I have an 80 rogue/druid. The reason I rolled the rogue was because I loved my feral, but felt that if damage wasn't good he'd lack the utility the rogue provided. I think that's partly changed, especially having gained skull bash, having instant roots, being able to instant cyclone, and MS being mostly negated at 10%. I'm wondering... if our damage does get nerfed a bit, will we still provide enough utility to be desired on an arena team?
Alright, that makes me happy.

I've always really enjoyed feral, and I do pretty well on him. Should be a fun season to be a feral. Glad I picked him as my main over the rogue.

I also think a feral will be better in Rated BG's. While we don't have any crazy AoE, at least we can throw out some roots, cyclones, the occasional, albeit weak, heal, and make an excellent flag carrier.
I need a fotm to reroll to as well. How are mages looking?
ferals are broken
so many necromancers today
12/09/2010 10:28 AMPosted by Minderbinder
albeit weak, heal

Just noticed 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
stop with edo tensei pls
Mmmmm dat 2010 forum XD
dang I wish they were :/
I bet all the players from 2010 quit lel cata was such a bad expac
buff ferals not enough burst
Five years ago.... This was S9 wasn't it?

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