return of the Queue's

Hmmm an expansion is released and we see queue's what are the chances... there is no problem blizzard its more a problem with the paying customers that are not used to waiting. get over it
Gonna be honest, what my issue is, is how long these que's will last.

I played through the other expansions, but I was on US servers at the time, and didn't really have que issues.

Anyone have an idea of how long Barthilas will have these types of ques?
If they capped servers at what they can hold they wuld be empty 99% of the time. U cant be upset that servers are full at peak time a day after cata... Personally i trained my old man to put me in the Q an hour before i finish work :)
12/07/2010 4:48 AMPosted by Nightmare
That Toby chef is retarded
cooking off chicken is a smart move ay .....

Yea strike me pink what douchery... Good ol matty goldfingers came thru in the end but what a champ he can cook me dinner if he wants
Btw I assume that horde n alliance hav the same Q? Or is it individual so that when an ally logs off an ally can log on?
About a day later and still waiting in Qs...


Im actually excited im almost out of the 1k zone

Verusletum you are absolutely right we pay for the game so we should be able to play it when we want to, rolling restarts and server downtime dont usually annoy me that much, but server queues are like an insult...
yay out of 1k zone :)
Been in the queue for hours already. When I got to the bottom of the queue, I got disconnected and had to requeue form 2k+. God. This is really frustrating it's incredible. Let's just hope that this time it'll work out nicely. 326 more to go and 45 min in the queue.
Number 909...almost there....
These queues are delicious.
1) Log in to World of Warcraft
2) Watch Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring
3) Wait 15 minutes and you're good to go!
i just waited 150 miniutes-ish at 2000 people got i started to load up character but it never finished loading.. had to start all over.

i suggest playing QWOP whiile waiting, halarious and hard
When will Blizzard implement the free transfer option from Barth to low pop server?
12/07/2010 1:24 AMPosted by Verusletum
12/07/2010 1:03 AMPosted by Mints
Edited by Mints on 12/7/10 9:04 AM God shut up you silly nerd, this is so stupid. It's not their fault bads continue to try to play on one of the more populated servers, move to another server kid.

ok Troll, I shall bite,
1) I was on Barth when it was a new Server, Low Pop, etc I have seen it grow, I have friends and guild associations that are very extensive ,why Should I move.

2) I am not a kid, and frankly I am offended you, whom by your opinion clearly have no respect for others, would even put me in the same mental and emotional bracket as you who have failed to reach pubity let alone the required IQ to be considered "intelligent life".

3) What I am suggesting is that Blizzard knew full well this was going to happen, or atleast should have known since htey have data that tells of Server Population levels. Because of this they should have either

1- increased hardware on the more established realms, to handle increased loads or
2 - Capped creation on those servers well before they reached this level or even
3 - All of the abov e, offering free transfers to new OCEANIC realms, of which I have not seen a "new" oceanic realm for many many months.

I am sorry but I was venting at my frustration at not being able to play a game and experiencing the same issue that has existed for several years, I was just asking, hopefully a blue poster when they were going t ofinally get around to offering a better solution than move to a new server until that one becomes overloaded and then move again.


on a side note to those complaining about being a paying customer and all that crap, if you read the TOS... in short its basically says
ROFL, personally when i see a terms and conditions i just auto read' your getting PWNED

then click yes
lol server restart, prepare for the pain again == and just 15 mins after i actually got on zzz

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