New to Prot Pally Tanking

Just posted this on the Tanking section, but figured this would probably be a more suitable place to post this,

Just started tanking today, so I am getting used to everything. I know about the different spells and buffs, such as the Seal of Righteousness I believe.

Anyways, is there a specific rotation that I should follow? I know that at 15 I don't have much room to work with due to the lack of spells, so I'm just going off of common sense.
In short: HoR every 3 seconds, and in between each HoR use an ability. When you get 3 Holy Power, use SoR as that ability. I'm not too familiar with what generates the most threat, but AS is up there very high. Just pick whatever ability's not on cooldown.
AS to pull,
HoR-Jd-HoR-AS/HW*-HoR-WoG/SoR**, thats the basic rotation for multi target, for one target, replace HoR with CS and thats it.

* - Use the one thats not on cooldown.
** - WoG is good to get a lil load of the healer and build a little threat. SoR hits like a truck, best use with 3 holy power charges, and it builds a lot of threat. You'll have to decide based on the situation.
I always use HoR over CS, Judgement replaces whatever mana I use. More holy damage = more threat.

Basically, HoR whenever it is off cooldown (i.e. every other ability), and I follow up with Word of Glory to keep it easy on the healer and (if specced) for the extra mitigation.
When you're dealing with mob trash, I prefer HotR over CS. The AoE isn't precise, but that's not bad in my opinion; I'd rather draw the agg of patrols that I've got my back to than let them slip past me and catch the healer.

In different situations, different circumstances apply. If the oft-rumored "CC matters again!" situations start showing up, use CS. Breaking CC by mistake is a Bad Thing. (Note that as of yesterday, I hadn't seen a need for CC in the slightest. YMMV.)
Common sense should work fine up until you get a good amount of talent tree abilites and passives and tons of activated abilities.

Eventually you get a triple taunt and 2-3 area of effect spells, and it's pretty straight forward.
Don't use Exorcism, unless you're using it to grab mobs at the beginning of the pull. At which time, you should prefer Avenger's Shield or Hand of Reckoning if at all possible.

I feel like this should be common sense, and yet...

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