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Bug Report
Npc's Not Spawning for me to complete the quest called "Nespirah" I had to drop 5 times and do about 10 minutes of research to find out that you have to swim in without your mount.

Ok im pretty sure people reported this as a bug in the beta i cant believe no one would fix this.
ive taken this quest on my druid also did same i took the fp to the entry of nespirah it drops me off out front and i cant enter the red door, ive closed the game etc etc , still not working for my druid.
It's a bad bug : / I just hope it's fixed soon. Geuss i'll have to skip around -_-
Yeah they are gonna have to Fix this soon i cant continue Vashj'ir with it bugged. Also They need to fix the reputation bug where some people stop getting rep from quests its gonna be a problems considering you need friendly with someone like Emerald Circle to get the rep tabard from them but you can even get Friendly because Quests won't give rep.
I'm Having the same problem too, Every time, no one spawns at all. And I've been to his brain and still nothing was there. So I am stuck with no quest at all.
Same issue. I've restarted this quest 3x. The npc NEVER shows up. No matter what I try or where I search.

Please fix it. End of quest line otherwise. Can't go any further. Thanks so much!
How did you restart the quest? I can't even get another pearl from the unique that drops it.
I also have the same problem so bump for a fix
I'll join the club here.

I have the same problem with Megs in Tanaris and the quest Momentum. It bothered me not being able to continue to explore there, but not having Earthmender Duarn show up inside Nespirah stops me dead in my track.

I guess I have to leave Vashj'ir and head onto another area because I have nothing to do until this is fixed.
So i had to wait for someone to exit before i could go in. didnt mount up when i got out of the water. NPC spawned properly for me. i had restarted the game dropped the quest a dozen times and never was able to get through the tube.
just abandon it and you can get it from the guy in the hollows where you turned in the pearl
I cant even enter in nespirah because the path way to enter is blocked??? What the freak?
Not only does the door not open unless someone comes out of it, but there's zero activity happening. Apparently there's supposed to be NPCs or something, but nada. This is quite frustrating.
Same issue. No freakin NPC in the brain room. So annoying.
NPC won't pop for me to turn in quest. Did as first poster suggested, dropped quest, left, reaquired the quest, swam in instead of using mount. Didn't work. End of the line for this zone apparently.

Edit: Ok, I dropped the quest again, went back and picked it up, mounted up, and dismounted before I got to the entrance. Swam in, when I got out of the water, the 2 NPCs were there running just ahead of me. You have to follow them to the center and the quest giver says what it happening. Then, he will run to the brain room. Follow him. Then you can turn in and get the next quests in the chain.

Hope that helps!
Hi All.

Figured the trick. Once you have this quest, wait just as you exit the water. You should see two NPC's run in front of you. One of these is the NPC you need to interact with..

nm. Just re-read the post above,

i love how they listed this as hotfixed and it's still really buggy
lol, I go to submit a report on a tiny typo (second paragraph, "Why Nesiprah would SUMBIT [submit?] to the naga." and discover that the whole quest is bugged.... fun fun.

Btw, I'm also having issues with rep... I'm just going to keep questing and hope they award me the rep later...

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