Looking for guy from Midnight Launch @ Fry's;

I enjoyed the midnight launch at Fry's with the new expansion!
I got to stand in line and talk to some really awesome people.

There was one person in particular that I spent a great deal of time with. I didn't even think about exchanging numbers or anything! All I know is the following bits and pieces;

His name is Edward, he plays an Alliance Gnome Mage. His two RL friends play a mage and warlock. His wristband # was 74399 (mine was 74501). He was really nice and I was hoping we could hang out outside of the game, but of course I didn't even think about that at 1am, lol...

If anyone knows this person, or if he sees this himself-- please respond! If you prefer you can make a level 1 alt on Feathermoon and send me an in-game mail to this character. :)

Sorry for the interruption, Cenarius!
I approve of this developing story and your character name.

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