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I've meddled in the healing arts throughout my WoW experience, which has been around 5.5 years. Although my main dedication was to pure dps in the form of a Rogue, I found I needed a more challanging experience with more weight placed upon my performance. And hence, I've transfered to the healing department, and so far I am loving it.

However, I am having difficultly adjusting to the shift from dps to dedicated healer. Mostly, managing the group, and by the group I mean dps. The tank, far as I am concerned is my priority, he/she gets my undivided attention unless someones does they shouldn't be doing. And because of this, I am getting quite a bit of flak from dps, mainly mages and rogues. Now I understand I have to keep everyone up in order to effectively complete any instance that Blizzard has constructed, and with this in mind I am doing my best. But to quote numerous people on the forums "stay out of the fiar!! FIAR IS BAD!!" Enough said.

Normally, my healing rotation starts with making sure I have full Holy Power before any encounter, and I strive to ensure I never run out just in case I need to blow a WoG. Followed by Holy Light and Flash Heal if need be and the Tank is getting low. This seems to be working wonderfully and I've had no complaints from the Tanks I've healed. What I find is happening though, is once I've topped off the tank, I take a moment to check out the rest of the raid, and if I see DPS taking a beating I heal them. But in that time it takes me to switch from the Tank to the dps and waste a few seconds on them, the Tank drops heavily in HP and I have to scamble. So I suppose what I am asking is if, this sort of healing curve is something I will fall into with practice.

Any and all constructive critisim is welcome, advice and whatnot.


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