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It is pretty sad when a company gets so big-headed that they no longer care about the wants of their customers and can't even bother to respond.

We are recommending to all our guildies to buy Rift, and we will be taking our guild to that game and closing our accounts. I will greatly miss my toons in WoW, but it is not worth patronizing a company who advertises certain mechanics will be added into the game, and then they crap backwards on their word, and even worse, they spit in their customers faces by refusing to admit their mistake and showing such a blatant disregard for the unhappiness their actions have caused their patrons.

Bye bye Blizzard. You could have had an epic game that lasted for decades, but you were too busy trying to squeeze out the most profit possible with giving as little as possible. So now you will be just a sad remembrance of a company gone corrupt.

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