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what if we are NOT gaining guild rep? what's going on with that? Is this a bug?
12/07/2010 6:15 PMPosted by Pattyfathead
How are the realm firsts going to work, like guild level 25. Now that every guild levels at the exact same pace? Is it just whoever gets the most people to log in at 2AM and turn in the most quests right away on the last day?

This was obviously a ninja panic change, by some really inept game designer, that really messed up a mechanic of the new system.

Now its worse than the experience imbalance, and there is no real way to back pedal from it.

The correct response would have been to increase the experience required per guild level 5 times across the board. Yes I understand the small guild balance, I am sorry the system is worthless unless its actually difficult to reach the cap. The dedicated small guilds could make it, the ones that weren't, couldn't.

^^^ This.

You know, it is EXPECTED that a large guild will obtain higher levels and have better perks than the smaller guilds. It is understood that it will be much harder for the smaller guilds to make the same progress, or to even come close to it. But that in itself should be a reward to those of us who work hard for a large guild, and especially for the guild leaders and officers who have dedicated many long hours and a lot of time WORKING to keep the cohesion and teamwork and environment that you would find in a small guild, but RARELY find in a large guild. It is a feat of strength in itself to get 500 or more members working together to all achieve the same goals, and it is right that we should be rewarded for this, and recognized for it. If that means we shoot forward towards a realm first miles ahead of the competition, then so be it.
lame :/ oh well, last xpac i will be putting money into because i feel blizz is just %*%#@@ the game more and more as they drop these, yes we get new guild achieves yet our raid content is constantly nerffed to the point where people can clear it in greens, old worlds that we once enjoyed are now being butchered and turned into something completely different, it's just nuts. guild achieves were good incentive for people to try harder to do things yet even that was ruined.. sadly the more the original game gets butchered the more people decide to start playing, so the blizzard gravy train likely won't ever end but i hate to be contributing to garbage... lets just hope 85 brings content worth playing
Wow, I scrolled through 9 pages of this thread, read every post and everyone is angry at these changes. Honestly, I was not all that devoted to my guild a while back. When I heard that there were going to be guild achievements that awarded us things I thought it was a great idea. I started getting more involved and even became an officer in it. I felt like it was going to bring a lot of us together. But now? Now there is no point. Im not going to waste my time doing a low level dungeon to feel closer to my guild. I have vent for that. And guild chat. I seriously hope Blizz that you listen to your players on this one. It was a mistake, a big one, and people are seriously mad at this change. Just look at these 9 pages.... this is just the beginning.
Wasn't the whole point of these Guild Achievements to "bring guilds back together" and work as a team?

WotLK did EVERYTHING possible to encourage people to PUG and NOT work with a Guild. Now we're back to the same thing. What's the point in going back to do these achievements, if there's no benefit?

My guild is a 10 man raiding guild. We have 15 - 18 VERY active players. We were looking forward to doing all of these heroics and WotLK achievements as a guild again, and gain something out of it. Now...there is no point. Now everyone is just doing "their own thing" and feels like WotLK all over again.

Please reconsider this change. One of my guildies had an excellent idea, regarding XP for Guild Achievements: diminishing returns. First achievement gives "x" amount, then next one gives "y", etc, etc. Just an idea.

I REALLY hope this decision is reversed or somehow changed back to the original concept.

Terrible, terrible idea.
12/07/2010 7:11 PMPosted by Hailstormie
what if we are NOT gaining guild rep? what's going on with that? Is this a bug?

Likely you have reached the weekly guild rep cap

Yes, there's a cap on that too.

I'm really not clear what the purpose of all the caps are. Clearly there is a disconnect between the community and the developers. Can we please, get an explanation of the intent of the caps?
12/07/2010 2:05 PMPosted by Ceilingcat
My guild had 8 people online at launch. It dropped to 2 for most of the early afternoon and is back up at 5. We reached level 2 regardless. How was this exceeding "the rate expected"? Are you basing guild leveling off of people playing in their bank alt's guild? o.O
I would like to see the guild leveling adjusted to how many people you have in your guild or something like that, im thinking about adding my alts for the guild bank access and im not a huge fan of raids/guild drama.
Yeah I guess on the bright side we don't have to go back to old world areas, ever now. They are still completely obsolete.

With the advent of the guild achievements, it actually brought life back to prior raiding, because there were benefits from it. We had Pre-Cataclysm raid nights already setup! That is unheard of in other expansions, setting up raid nights to experience the entire realm of the content.

Same with old world dungeons, etc.

Now that guild achievements are completely meaningless, will just scrap those nights and grind on the new content only.
So... What you're saying is you want us to do Guild Achievement, for no reason other than the ones that get us our Guild Items like the Companions and things? Do you REALLY think that anyone is going to do things for nothing?

4/5 People in a group all wasting there time for just a Guild Achievement?

Before, they got Guild Xp, some rep, and they were working toward the Perks they're looking forward too. Now, you're saying that you want us to do these useless achievments for nothing?

No. You may want to listen to all of the complaints you are getting, because this is by far one of the stupidest decisions i've seen yet in my years of playing this game. Like everyone is saying, it gave us a reason to do things with our guild when it had advantages for us, now its just stupid and useless.
Balancing is a lot of work.

Caps are very little work.

So the question is, put in the time, energy, work, research, to figure out how to balance a system, making it fun and intriguing, that will have a huge variety of players and guilds accessing.

Or just put a hard cap at a certain point. Which requires no work. The argument being, it works poorly for everyone, so its fair.

What I find hilarious about it is I read so many blue posts saying: " There is a guild cap in place, but it is great enough that the MAJORITY (Not the median, not the average, the majority 90%+) of guilds will not notice it.

My guild capped it within 5 minutes of Cata release. However we are a large guild. My friends guild with three people questing, capped it within 45 minutes of Cata release.

How on earth is that not noticeable? Its a massive brick wall a foot from the starting line in a marathon... Everyone is going to be making it to that wall, without exception. Guilds will be tripping and falling into that wall by accident.
I read this differently.


I'm having trouble gaining rep WITHIN my own guild.

My wife and I are L2 officers at the same level in our guild, but I'm capped for the week at (Friendly 500/6000) and everything I do now gets the annonying "You have gained the maximum amount of guild reputation allowed this week" spam.


My wife is currently at (Friendly 2160/6000) and has not hit any cap yet. ?!?

Why the inconsistency? Why the cap on rep in your own guild?
Why annoy the crap out of everything we do with this stupid message for every mob I kill?
dear blizz,
you fail.
Regarding this change with Guild Achievements: Now I have never really been upset enough to complain about it on the forums before this fiasco, but during the beta when you had guild leveling speeds readjusted to go 5 times as fast and than later when it went back to normal how could this not have been noticed. I was in the beta and it was the only fair way of gaining guild experience as a guild rather than by yourself by doing quests or herbing or what not. This change makes it no fun and now we have only 6 reasons to do old school stuff and that is the legendary items, and I really would like to have reasons to do old stuff and new stuff other than raids as a guild, because they are for guild achievements that should support and give guild experience instead of guild experience being earned on an INDIVIDUAL PLAYER LEVEL
So the guild competition amongst one another is now thrown out the window, and everyone will be getting level 25 on the same day. Who is making these decisions?

While your at it why not make heroic LK give up and hand out the loot after 10 attempts. After all, we gave it a good attempt, so we deserve something for that, don't we?
Way to take a good thing for the game and piss all over it. Really, who is running the show over there? Are you guys really in that big of a bubble you don't know what your players want?
12/07/2010 8:17 PMPosted by Gyra
So the guild competition amongst one another is now thrown out the window, and everyone will be getting level 25 on the same day. Who is making these decisions?

While your at it why not make heroic LK give up and hand out the loot after 10 attempts. After all, we gave it a good attempt, so we deserve something for that, don't we?

Yea it is pretty much gone for good and I'm really ticked off about it.
I have about 50 people really upset.

We worked hard to hit level 2 the first night so was all could get the 5% exp gain ASAP. Worked as a team, made an effort to work together as a guild and be a cohesive unit.

Now we'll all go back to being individuals and doing out own thing.

F U very much.

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