NPC respawn timers are a bit off.

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Hit a new record just now. I killed the same NPC 10 times with him instantly respawning as the last one died. The quested needed me to kill 4 of them so at least I didn't have to worry about people spawn camping but still.
I noticed the same thing in the Worgen starting zone on my server. Kill, loot, oh look, he already respawned and is running at me again. Fun! I dunno, maybe they're trying to encourage us to group up more from the get go? This is way faster than the respawns were when they released the other race/class combos, and I thought those were pretty quick.
I noticed this in Hyjyal. I'd kill a dude, and another would almost instantly take his place.

Sort of annoying, but FAR better than the alternative...fighting with 40 people for something that spawns every 3 minutes.
This is because of dynamic respawn times. There`s a base timer (lets say 5 minutes) and then the timer is reduced the more people are in the zone. I remember the WoW launch DIDNT have dynamic spawns so youd fight over the 5 minute spawns of named monsters. This is to counter this problem.

It does create weird situations tough, like Baron Longshore. Longshore had a ridiculously low base spawn timer (15 seconds?) and he could respawn instantly in the 2 other spots if there were at least 10 people in the zone.
So, when the zones calm down, they should spawn at a more normal pace?
Respawns are affected by the amount of people in an area. Seeing as everyone is either in one of the new races' zones, or a level 80-82 zone, there will be some rather rapid respawns.

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