What's your queue

I can't play cata till next week too busy with finals for college wondering what everyone's queue is
any higher queues I saw people saying they had queues in the thousands and we are one of the more populated realms
45 minutes so far.. and still 20 min expected wait time.. Thats more than half of the available time i have to play tonight.. This is ridiculous.
Started out at 998. now at 500, wait time goes from 15 min - 75 min. .

So Making hot chocolate
ya these queues are insane was waiting atleast 45 mins earlier this better not be all the time
1204 ran to GB and back 30 min drive ... still in que
Sounds like i have time to run to Sleep Country and buy a new mattress and get back just in time to log in.
I started at 906 and am currently at 458 half an hour later. Sigh..

oldie but a goodie

sigh logging in its 1120 dear lord.....
My que is 1000 and a 30 min wait time, both are highly innacurate and keep changing up and down -_-

WTB servers that can handle more people for Blizzard, it can be a christmas present for them to us...

Want to play my worgen /sigh
Oh, I would really appreciate a sig making tutorial if anyone knows a particuarlly usefull one.

Current wait time - 1 hour...
wtf blizz
Was erroneously in queue starting at 770ish....

20 minutes later....down to 400ish...

Realized was in queue for Earthen Ring.

Cancelled and Re-queued Tichondrius.

started at 1100ish

20 more minutes later....down to 800 ish.

I am playing online Sudoku to pass the time.
Started at around 1400 in que with 11 min wait. I want from 1400 to about 700 and the que time jumped to 2 hours and now its jumping between 10 min and 1 hour at 600 in que... I love this. I wish everyone who had an account on Tich PRE-BC got a insta ques. UGH!
dang it i was almost ready to get in then it says unable to connect now im stuck at loging screen T.T ugh

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