What's your queue

Started at 1137 Went To Spikes got a Chicken Teriyaki bowl, Ate it then went to buy some brew, got back, and now im at 455 "Estimate time:62 min" :(
I am a solid 81st in line, it now takes 1 to 2 min to move in the que... First you will drop fast till about 100. Once there its a slow ride with a 100+min que.

edit - Yepjust checked been about 5 min and only moved to 80th in line...
Wow, 137 Min O_o
Screenshots Don't Lie haha.
still in queue T.T
position in que, 15
wait time >1 min
yay, that 234 mins went by fast =P
wow that was awesome, logged in, right when i clicked enter world my wireless dropped
I wish I could say for sure, but for some reason both my position in queue and estimated time remaining keep fluctuating. Pretty sure the position in queue and time remaining are supposed to go down, correct? Why do mine keep going up?
1337 because that's just how I roll
Started at 1132 and Im now at 197... Its been 52 mins =\

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