Full server and to many alliance

12/08/2010 08:35 AMPosted by Pigtales
Lots of solutions to your problem:
a) Level in a party. 2-3 teammates will scare off most potential gank attempts.
b) Level in an instance. Can't get ganked there.
c) Wait a week or two. Most of the leveling traffic will have subsided by then.
d) Transfer to a PvE server
e) Embrace world PvP; gank and get ganked when in contested zones.

I appreciate that you took option E; thanks for the HKs.

I like option e and that is why i am on a pvp server BUT when you are outnumbered 100:1 (no kidding) then it is not fun anymore... tried questing with 2 friends... got ganked by like 20 alliance... once one start attacking every alliance player gets involved and you have no chance to do anything... I am out of KTZ... if some day Blizzard address ridiculous imbalance issues like the one in ktz i may be back...
World PvP is for the most part, dead, simply due tot he fact that, when I decide I want to kill a Horde Player that is Flagged for PvP, 800 other people jump onto him and I find it pointless to even have fun attempting to world PvP. I don't jump on a horde fighting more than 1-2 people. I normally only fight 1v1 when possible, if someone else jumps in, i'll keep going, but if any more after a second, Cloak Vanish p34c3 0ut, have fun giving me a free HK because I decided it wasn't fun going 2-3 versus a single horde. Hopefully someday this server will be rebalanced, and I can have fun World PvPing again.

TL:DR Version: 99% Alliance, .5% horde, .5% undecided Panda's who will more than likely go Alliance, World PvP is dead and I am sad.
Bye KT...U saw me grew, but it's time to leave you!

The last big guilds are moving on these days...

¿Will this be the new "Illidian" server for the ally side?

I'm sad too
I read the entire first page before I realized this thread is from 2010 >.>
I don't understand why you are still posting here, I'm as glad that you left as you are. Plus anyone with at least half a brain left horde/server when we did, sorry you don't know anything.
09/26/2012 10:05 PMPosted by Itsheroism
World PvP hell yeah why be mad?

There's World PvP, then there's 20 Alliance killing 1 horde turning in a quest. It's 100v13 in Valley of the Four Winds right now. You think I'm exaggerating? Go try playing horde right now. just try it. See what I'm talking about.

And any of the Horde will tell you Alliance dogs that the majority of the Alliance we fight would lose 1v1. Talk to any Horde and they'll likely say they win most 1v1 fights. A lot win 2v1. Heck, I was attacked by a boomkin, ele shaman, and a hunter of indeterminate spec. I took out the boomkin and shaman and almost got the hunter, too. I would have if he hadn't silenced me just before my last Lava Burst went off. Our problem is not with World PVP, our problem is with having 20 Alliance at every single quest hub attacking the one horde going in to turn in a quest.

The queue time isn't bad at all, really. Heck, 20 minutes or less for every queue is nothing. It's usually an hour or more for new expansions. Until Cataclysm, it was often an hour or more for every new raid that came out as far back as I can remember. The only problem on the server is that there is 97% Alliance and the majority of active Horde players are transfering off as I type, my guild included.

this. can't tell you how many alliance i beat 1v1 or 2v1, but leveling here was definitely the most frustrating WoW experience ive ever had. every time i went to turn in or pick up quests i was attacked by 5+ alliance. even if i was sitting at a place minding my own business and there was say 2 alliance there, they would leave me alone until one person comes along and attacks me, then they'll jump in. i noticed once i hit 90 though i rarely get attacked anymore. the best part is when someone attacks you and you kill them, its like i was minding my own business, you got destroyed and now you just wasted time, and then you think im going to let you just walk away? i made about 200 honor kills from leveling alone, sometimes only being able to kill one quest mob before being attacked by a group
8v1???? ROFL

It's 30V1 now :P
Which one of you crazy nerds is responsible for bumping this?

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