Paladin's bubble cooldown?

I'm wondering what was the longer cooldown of the paladin's divine shield, back to WoW vanilla?

My friend tells me 1 hour, i remember about 30 minutes, but never 1 hour... anyone can tell me?
Pretty sure you're thinking of Lay on Hands.

And yes, it used to be an hour cooldown, and it consumed all of your mana.

All. Of. It.
Divine shield i dont think has a longer cooldown, it does however have a shorter duration, so sorry but gone are the days of the Bubble Hearth
Actually, you're probably thinking of Divine Sacrifice, our "raid wipe protection" tool.

Kills yourself to place a 3min bubble on target and removes all aggro from that target. Target can't do anything (but click off bubble).

That was a 1hr CD if I remember right.
its sad, no more bubble hearth. but no it was always 5 min. lay on hands used to be an hour cd. and it cost all your CURRENT mana, even if you only have 10 mana left.
Wait, bubble didn't have a longer CD? I was thinking it was at least 10 min. I know LoH was an hour. It used up ALL your mana, but it gave the target a small bit of mana (static, not %), so if you were out of mana anyway, using it on yourself wasn't the worst of ideas. also didn't trigger Forbearance.
thanks guys
Mother of god, what has happened to the pally forums?

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