Queue Time (Sigh I Know)

Just offer us free server xfers, I Literally wait longer than I get to play.

I know everyone is gonna say "You chose to come here, so stop QQIng"

If my friend had told me how populated this place really was I assure you I would not have come, just let meh get outta here!
pay for an xfer off

They've said multiple times they will not open free xfers for mal'ganis because no one takes them
Guess you should have done your research, huh?
meh, i would take it. i promise!
Queue times are bad, but apparently they are not $25 bad. No more tears.
Problem solved!

Free Character Moves Available

Source D

Destination D

Seems you guys got what you wanted. Enjoy playing on those dead servers with no progression!
12/07/2010 8:08 PMPosted by Rollinjoints
meh, i would take it. i promise!

No, you wouldn't. Everyone who says that immediately backpedals once they realize that their free transfer isn't going to take them to another "Mal'Ganis" with less queues. Regardless of how much people whine about the queues here, deep down they know that they'll put up with them for the brief time they're here because servers like this one offer the same amount of progression in trade chat as most guilds.

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