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I have not played WoW in a while, and so i went out and got the Cataclysm expansion today, so i installed it only to find me needing to download 7.4 gbs of patches. To my dismay, it was downloading at about 60kb's. Normally i run about 300-500 kb's. it says Your computer is behind a firewall even though i allowed ports 3724 and 6112. I have tried disabling and enabling Peer to Peer but it didn't change the speed. If anyone has a solution to my issue I would be very grateful. Thanks
I'm having the same issue. Just got the new MoP xpac..but I havn't played WoW in about 9 months..It started downloading 20gigs worth of patches and I'm only downloading at speeds between 140kb/s to 197kb/s...I have been downloading now for around 16 hours and it's only 48.8% complete :-( wish i would have waited to reactivate my account now
Bumping threads from two years ago causes a bit of confusion. If you need assistance with an issue, please create a new thread and detail your issue there. Make sure to include any steps you have already tried.
Technical Support
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