While i have time in Q i thought I would share a story about a sly turd named toxified who owes me 10k. In short don't trust this person and if you do well thats your problem. He wanted to buy a time card and did so. I was silly enough to let him use the code before getting the argreed upon 10k. He then proceeded to log in and out and ask me what i was talking about, this was followed by a swift ignore.
I don't want the 10k
I don't want to rubbish Grunt Topia's guild reputation.
I do want a sly 'child' I presume, to be called out and known for the type of person/player they are.
Thanks for reading
It was my fault, I can deal with the 42 bux. The point of the thread relates to my boredom and an obviously dishonest person, Im happy if people are made aware of this behaivour.
or you could not sell game cards over wow?
Bump up the Jam !~
Hi I'm the GM of Grunt Topia, I would not have such dishonest ppl that scam others in my guild. If you can provide me with an un-doctored SS as proof I'll talk to the person in question and take action if deemed necessary.
If you're dumb enough to trust a random in WoW, you should probably expect to get ripped off on a regular basis.
Fairly sure trading real world items for in game items is not allowed...

You could get yourself banned for making this post.
im da 13 year old drood rawr!
LOL thats the GM, wouldnt trust anyone from there
My sub has gone cold.
my sub is surround sound

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