[H] Enlightened Dark - Recruiting 80+

Enlightened Dark has been a casual raiding guild throughout most of WotLK. Ending this expansion we are 12/12 ICC 10m Normal and 7/12 ICC 10m Heroic.

Currently we raid Thursday and Sunday 7:30-10:30 CST (Server Time). A 3rd day may be added in the future as we expand.

Our only requirements for recruitment are to be level 80+ - 18 years old and older. We are a very chill, laid back guild, full of adults. If you are looking to join and raid than you must be active and keep a decent attendance, rules are simple and can be found via our website.

To apply visit: enlightened-dark.guildlaunch.com and fill out a quick application and just look for an officer in game: Orcgasmoe - Daxbender - Thirrin - Leontina - Kokaina

Any of questions feel free to post. Thanks.

EDIT: 12/10/10

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