Holy Shock macro request

I'd like to implement the following functionality in the form of one or more macros:

Button = Holy Shock on target.
Button + Shift = Holy Shock on me, regardless of target.
Button + Ctrl = Holy Shock on Target of Target.
Button + Alt = Holy Shock on Focus Target.

My own attempts have yielded unsatisfactory results. I'm beginning to think it's not a macro issue but rather an issue with how Holy Shock is coded.

Any assistance/info would be appreciated.
Just get a healbot addon I use vuhdo you can get it off curse much easier then making macros
I am not able to test it right now so I can't be sure here!
/cast [@player,mod:shift]Holy Shock; [@targettarget,mod:ctrl]Holy Shock; [@focus,mod:alt]Holy Shock; Holy Shock

Again, I can't test it right now but that should do it I THINK... :D

Also that's a more generic, healing only would be slightly different (added help conditions):

/cast [@player,mod:shift]Holy Shock; [@targettarget,mod:ctrl,help]Holy Shock; [@focus,mod:alt,help]Holy Shock; Holy Shock
Thanks for the macro mate.

The target of target and focus parts work, however the self-targeting part doesn't. I suspect it has something to do with the dual friendly/enemy nature of the spell. =/
@player isnt working? Huh...

I dunno. *shrug*

Try it on a different line.

#showtooltip Holy Shock
/cast [@player,mod:shift]Holy Shock
/cast [@targettarget,mod:ctrl,help]Holy Shock; [@focus,mod:alt,help]Holy Shock; Holy Shock

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