Ret rotation? (back from a year away)

So I had been gone even before the whole dual talent/spec stuff came into play. I had decent ret and holy gear when I stopped playing and I don't think I want to quest/level from 80-85 as holy. I don't have as good prot gear to go that route yet but I want to pick that stuff up along the way. So my only alternative right now is to do my 80-85 as ret or at least part of the time. My question is since I've been gone so long is what is a decent or suggested ret rotation. I have all these different abilities, etc and not sure what to do with them now. Ive looked at other sites but their info seems kinda dated so I figured the best place to ask this would be here where I know id get relevant answers from people that havent taken the break I had from the game.

As always, Thanks in advance.

Hahah I just started playing a Ret my friend gave me last night. I figured this out myself after some research and messing around.
Basically everything is priority based now, some moves based on holy power some on Proc.

The basic priority :

Inquisition (Need to build up to 3 Holy Power to use)
Hammer of Wrath
Templar’s Verdict (Need to build up to 3 Holy Power to use)
Crusader Strike
Holy Wrath

*edit you really only want to do Exorcism when it's a free proc.

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