Possible [BUG] - Sinking Into Vashj'ir

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This is the Achievement in question: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=4982

I have been all over the zone multiple times and have 146/150, can't find anymore anywhere. For some reason when I look at this achievement on my Achievements Tab, it shows the progress bar and 146/150 twice, one on top of the other. Also after having 146 done, the final quest I did was An Opened Can of Whoop Gnash: http://www.wowhead.com/quest=27687 which after I turned it in, I was still at 146/150, I didn't give me credit for this. Lastly, I hearthed to Orgrimmar and checked my Achievements page again and now I have 144/150.....somehow I lost 2 (really 3) quests from just leaving the zone....?

I have to assume this is some sort of bug and most likely that some more quests in the zone aren't correctly giving credit for being done in that zone for the achievement, hence not being able to get 150/150, but I just wanted to bring it to your attention.

Thanks in advance.
Having the same issue. Currently at 142/150 without doing La-La-Necklace or the Rune drop from the Naga at the Ruins of Vashj'ir.

Got both achievements for the zone: 20k Leagues and 3 Visions. But cant find the rest of the quests anywhere.

Not having a loss in quests though when hearthing.
I am sitting at 143/150 and as far as I know, I have found all the items that start the quests and I have completed both achievements for the zone (20000 Leagues and the 3 Visions). I have traveled the zones a few times and cannot seem to find any other quests as all.
YES, i am not alone....145/150 when left zone, and stuck at 144/150. Baffled? Been back and forth twice over zone. Thinking, did I get every dropped quest? But I really believe I got every Hub down, and didnt miss a thing.

Hope it is a bug! Plz let us know!? Thanks for the great time. It was a fun zone.
Yeah I am 145/160 and have completed all the drop quests. I was 147 but when I hearthed out I lost 2 quests as well. Fix please!
I posted this on another thread so posting it here too with an addition:

I am currently stuck at 143/150 I did notice a few randomly not counting didn't think at the time to keep track :S

just went through the whole zone and didn't see anymore "!"

and this is including the one i found that tells me to go back to ogrimmar

Just went and got gnash's head handed it in and no increase to the # of quests completed

although did find out there is 2 treasure maps in the starter place there and that did bring me to 144/150
Also was 145/150 when I finished the Defending the Rift or whatever it's called quest that gives the achievement. Ported to Orgrimmar and its now down to 144/150.
I am also stuck on 145/150 - I only missed one quest (the necklace) because after over 80 kills it still hadn't dropped. What's up with this (first Silverpine, now Vashj'ir...)

In fact, it was 145 before I killed Gnash and turned in his head, and 145 after I had turned it in. I've put in a ticket, along with the necklace not dropping and the conduits not spawning)
I am 142/150 having lost 2 quests when I left the zone. I haven't done the necklace quest or Gnash, but that would only put me at 146.
Im Stop in 147/150, some's member my guild stop in 140/150
Yer, same boat...what a pain. Hope this gets fixed, was planning to wipe out each area bit by bit. Then the first one has issues /sigh.
I am sitting at 143 right now, I know i recieved 3-5 drop quests from different mobs. I haven't done the instance quests yet. Just wondering how many drop quests there are.
Also will there be quests added or will they just lower the amount of quest needed for the achievement?
12/08/2010 6:05 AMPosted by Lilíth
same issue 145/160

12/07/2010 12:38 PMPosted by Kurii
Yeah I am 145/160 and have completed all the drop quests. I was 147 but when I hearthed out I lost 2 quests as well. Fix please!

It seems to me where i've looked that alliance have a total of 160 for the achievement and horde have a total of 150 for it. Any info on that?
I also seem to be stuck at 143/150. The only quest I know I haven't done it Gnash's head. I went around last night searching the zone for quests I missed or mobs I didn't kill, but nadda. Also, my Vashj'ir achievement has a graphical error: two progress bars, both with the same value.
Same. Stuck at 144/160. Bump for info.
same thing here, 142/150. can't find anything.
still broke, im at 142/150
any word?
Likewise, stuck at 142 (143 if Gnash's head would've counted)
Same problem here. Also having a (less common?) problem in Deepholm, stuck at 59 quests there with no apparent way to start a 60th...

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