Can we get free Transfer Now

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Well, the realm is getting crazy long queue and now is locked, we need free transfer please.
I agree this 1500 Queue is going to make me rage
It's always been like this during a fresh expansion. It'll die down over time.
I second the notion. 1300 People, Seriously? This should always be available for free realm change.
Ha, at least you guys can login and quest, we get !%!!d by the queue and then !%!!d by the 50:1 ratio. FREE TRANSFERS PLEASE
Yeah sorry Ayoyayo... I Don't Kill Alliance on Sight, I just wanna get to playing because I just purchased the game and looked forward to this all day, and the suspense is killing me.
Blizzard, please do something.
Position in Queue: 130th--estimated time: 300min
Yes please....
I could be wrong, but in 6 years on this server I've never seen a 1600 person Q. It's the first time I ever considered taking my toons somewhere else. I just don't remember 1600...sigh.
ive been in the queue for an hour still only about half way through and the last few spots are the hard ones to get!
on a side note the queue at launch was 30 people :(
the queue is 1900 now. please give us a free xfer. 60+ mins to log in is a little ridiculous
I logged at 6 pm east , right after work , my position in queue was 2100 ish and an estimated 3 hours wait time. By the time I log into the game , I ll have 2 hours left out of the 5 I planned on playing the expansion for the first time :(

C'ant tell you how dissapointed I am, I wanted to play cata with my shaman so bad today.

If they give free transfers Im seriously considering leaving my guild and moving my shaman to another server.
My que is decesding ever 5-10mins BY 5
yeah.. i've been in queue for ~80 mins and it was at 1200, now i'm 250 and it says another 40 mins.

Free Transfer please Blizz? <3
Its so typical. I started at 1600 an hour ago. now im at 750.. 2 more hours to go?
what sucks is theres like 0% of alliance getting server transfers because that wouldn't help the 400:1 ratio i experienced last night at midnight.

tell me that's "normal" on a server...
Just checked queue 2212 people ahead of me
OVER 2k Queue, bump for frees trans off this hell whole!!
Wow.. I wouldnt even play tonight if I hit a que at 2k..
ALMOST THERE!!! 31 left.. its now 4:22, i logged in at 2:30. 2h queues are greaaat!

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