Can we get free Transfer Now

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305 minutes
I would like to transfer to a lower pop realm.
4 hour que... and that was after being pushed through the que still at position 800 because i was on phone waiting for blizz for freaking 90 mins.
Free transfers please. Blizzard, I f***ing hate you.
I waited in Que for 2 hours, it's getting a little retarded. If I had the money to pay for a transfer I would but I bought Cata. Now since I can't even experience cata I realize I should of just paid for a transfer. Seriously Blizzard, it's getting out of hand on this server can you open a transfer so I can get off this server! PLEASE!
Well, I'm at work and I'm seeing this. Dangit! I want to play the game I paid for. I can handle 5 minute queus, but this is crazy. Open up the free transfers please. Oh this a money grab for paid transfers????
It probably is, you would think that since cata came out and they KNEW tons of ppl would be plugging in they would be nice and offer it. It's not like they don't already have millions of dollars already... geez.
Been waiting for more then a hour and a half.... 120th 10 mins
12/07/2010 3:09 PMPosted by Handsomefred
80 Night Elf Druid
what sucks is theres like 0% of alliance getting server transfers because that wouldn't help the 400:1 ratio i experienced last night at midnight.

Dude i ganked so many allys last night and also 1700 in queue is out of line...
I didnt get to do sht in game tonite i came home from work logged on it was 2900 que

sat there the whole time waiting never got in. its now bed time i work at 4 am

tommrw will be the same crappy vicious cycle. and the next night and the next night.....
i dont touch alliance but some alliances touch me so i get my friends to *@*!#%!@ you.

so plz control your lunatics :)
lol i spent 130 bucks today for multi accts and what did i get to show for it ......jack sht.
Blue = Activision = wh0re,

Open up the facking free transfers, pl0x?


I wish I could transfer anywhere else....
Another bump for support.

Free realm transfer, please.
12/07/2010 9:30 PMPosted by Keyndis
Another bump for support.

Free realm transfer, please.

this is literally unplayable.

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